Watch: One of Dean Martin's last TV roles was this magical performance on Charlie's Angels

The crooner played a mystifying casino boss.

Dean Martin became famous singing songs like, "You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You," but he reached the status of "King of Cool" by branching out to become one of the world's greatest entertainers as actor, comedian, singer and stunning Vegas showman.

On television, Martin's star shone brightest on his own vehicle, The Dean Martin Show, a colorful variety show that Martin was careful not to sink too much of his time into, allowing him to continue doing shows and taking movie parts on the side throughout its nine-season run. The story goes that Martin insisted that he would only show up to tape the show, and it's to the credit of his inexhaustible star power that he was nominated again and again for his work on the show, even taking home a Golden Globe as Best TV Star in 1967. He gave as much to TV viewers as he did to all his fans who packed into stadiums or theaters.

As Martin's fame got bigger and bigger, the parts he took on as an actor in both movies and TV became divided between appearances as himself - the famous Vegas performer and card-holding Rat Pack crooner - and comedic and dramatic roles where he performed as a true fictional character.

It was, perhaps surprisingly, the dramatic roles that Martin has said he was drawn to most, despite his long history as a celebrated comedian alongside his partner Jerry Lewis. So while many likely remember Martin's last big-screen role as Sammy Davis Jr.'s partner in the campy 1980s comedy Cannonball Run (and its sequel), we think Martin fans should also take the time to return to the last dramatic role that Martin took on in his storied career: a memorable guest starring part on Charlie's Angels. Watch the clip below:

In the 1978 episode "Angels in Vegas," Martin plays a casino owner who hires the Angels to help him find the person he believes is trying to gaslight him. The role doesn't pander one bit to Martin's past as a singer, but instead gives the actor a chance to strut as a magician, sharing scenes with Scatman Crothers and performing card tricks with a mysterious waggle of his thick black eyebrows.

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