The parade of costumes in this 'Wings' Halloween episode was a gift in 1996

Novel costumes include Pinocchio and the tornado from 'Twister.'

For big fans of Cheers, the fresh new series Wings flew in as a welcome addition to NBC's lineup in 1990. It was created by writers involved with Cheers and The Jeffersons, who would later win Emmys for Frasier, David Angell, Peter Casey, and David Lee. Throughout the series' run, it even pulled in characters from the Cheers universe, including Frasier, Rebecca, Norm and Cliff. By the time it left the airwaves in 1997, it had resonated with audiences and even received multiple nominations for Emmy Awards. You can stream the full Wings series here.

In its final season, Wings got all dressed up to take part in the sitcom tradition of the Halloween episode. It was called "The Gift of Life," and it featured the full cast in costume, including Tim Daly's Joe Hackett as Pinocchio, Crystal Bernard's Helen Chappell as a vampire, and Tony Shalhoub's Antonion Scarpacci as the tornado from Twister (released the prior year).

The premise is unique. The episode starts with a sobbing passenger, who tells Helen his girlfriend has left him because he lost too much weight. He carries a cooler, which he says contains "the gift of life." Helen urges him to get on the plane without delay, but Joe and Brian Hackett would rather make it to a Halloween party, so they convince him to go get his girlfriend back instead. The cooler gets left behind, and it's up to the gang to find out who the heart it contains belongs to.

Ready to see the episode's twisting conclusion? Watch the full episode below!

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