Watch classic holiday episodes and specials all season with A Very Merry MeTV

See classic holiday airings of Cheers, Happy Days, The Ed Sullivan Show and more!

It's that time of year again, the season of turkey and tinsel… and TV specials! That's right, A Very Merry MeTV is back with six weeks of holiday favorites. 

Every Sunday, from now through Christmas Day, you can catch classic Thanksgiving and Christmas episodes from 5PM | 4C through 8PM | 7C. That's right, three hours of cherished Yuletide programming. 

We're pulling some goodies out of Santa's bag, too. You'll catch special presentations of Cheers, Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, WKRP in Cincinnati and more!

It all leads up holiday specials of The Ed Sullivan Show on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

But that's not all! Oh-ho-ho-ho, no! We've also sprinkled the schedule with other holiday episodes that will air during our normal schedule. You can find a complete list below.

Here is what you will see on A Very Merry MeTV (Eastern | Pacific). You can download copies for yourself here: Eastern | Pacific or Central | Mountain.

Additionally, the following holiday episodes will air during our regular schedule:

Saturday, November 23

6AM | 5C The Beverly Hillbillies "Elly's First Date"
6:30AM | 5:30C The Beverly Hillbillies "Turkey Day"

Sunday, November 24

6AM | 5C ALF "Turkey in the Straw"
4:30PM | 3:30C Gilligan's Island "Little Island, Big Gun"

Thursday, November 28

7AM | 6C The Beverly Hillbillies "The Thanksgiving Spirit"
7:30AM | 6:30C My Three Sons "Chip's Harvest"

Friday, November 29

6AM | 5C The Facts of Life "It's a Wonderful Christmas"
7AM | 6C The Beverly Hillbillies "Home for Christmas"
8:30AM | 7:30C Leave It to Beaver "The Haircut"
10AM | 9C Matlock "The Gift (a.k.a. The Christmas Show)"
2PM | 1C Bonanza "Gabrielle"
10:30PM | 9:30C Hogan's Heroes "The Prisoner's Prisoner"
12:30AM | 11:30C The Twilight Zone "Changing of the Guard"

Saturday, November 30

6AM | 5C The Beverly Hillbillies "No Place Like Home"
6:30AM | 5:30C The Beverly Hillbillies "The Week Before Christmas"
9AM | 8C Have Gun, Will Travel "Be Not Forgetful of Stangers"
12PM | 11C The Big Valley "Judgement in Heaven"
1PM | 12C Gunsmoke "P.S. Murry Christmas"
2PM | 1C Bonanza "A Christmas Story"

Sunday, December 15

10PM | 9C The Jeffersons "The Christmas Wedding"

Saturday, December 21

6AM | 5C The Beverly Hillbillies "The Christmas Present"
6:30AM | 5:30C The Beverly Hillbillies "Christmas in Hooterville"
3PM | 2C Rawhide "Twenty-Five Santa Clauses"
4PM | 3C Wanted: Dead or Alive "Eight Cent Reward"

Sunday, December 22

6AM | 5C ALF "ALF's Special Christmas"
1:30PM | 12:30C The Brady Bunch "The Voice of Christmas"
2PM | 1C Gilligan's Island "Birds Gotta Fly, Fish Gotta Talk"

Monday, December 23

6:30AM | 5:30C Diff'rent Strokes "Retrospective Part 1"

Tuesday, December 24

6:30AM | 5:30C Diff'rent Strokes "Retrospective Part 2
8AM | 7C Leave it to Beaver "The Haircut"
10AM | 9C Matlock "The Scrooge"
11AM | 10C Diagnosis Murder "Murder in the Family"
12PM | 11C In the Heat of the Night "Blessings"
12:30AM | 11:30C The Twilight Zone "Night of the Meek"

Wednesday, December 25

5:30AM | 4:30C The Facts of Life "Christmas in the Bighouse"
6AM | 5C The Facts of Life "It's a Wonderful Christmas"
6:30AM | 5:30C Diff'rent Strokes "Santa's Helper"
7AM | 6C The Beverly Hillbillies "Christmas at the Clampetts"
10AM | 9C Matlock "Santa Claus"
1PM | 12C Gunsmoke "P.S. Murry Christmas"
2PM | 1C Bonanza "A Christmas Story"
6:30PM | 5:30C The Flintstones "Christmas Flintstone"
7PM | 6C M*A*S*H "Death Takes a Holiday"
7:30PM | 6:30C M*A*S*H "'Twas the Day After Christmas"
9:30PM | 8:30C Green Acres "An Old Fashioned Christmas" 
10PM |9C Hogan's Heroes "The Prisoner's Prisoner"
11PM | 10C Carol Burnett and Friends "Mrs. Wiggins / Harry's Mirage and Grill"
12:30AM | 11:30C The Twilight Zone "Five Characters in Search of an Exit"

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jwolf7772 55 months ago
WHERE Are The “Happy Days” Christmas Episodes?!?? SOOO Upsetting!!!
Emily 55 months ago

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Pacificsun 55 months ago
NICE Schedule MeTV. Thank you!

There's something for everybody!!
ShelbyMunro 55 months ago
Could you at least air the Christmas episode of The Monkees?
coreycocoa ShelbyMunro 55 months ago
Yes please! They forgot that one on the list :(
ShelbyMunro 55 months ago
When will The Monkees be back on? Will they be back on?
Pacificsun ShelbyMunro 55 months ago
(Just from experience) "generally" they do not bring something back on the same network in the short term. It's "possible" it might show up on Decades, representing that decade. (But that's just Weigel). Check other Retro (Classic) TV channels in your area. Other people commenting here might be able to help you out!
SalIanni 55 months ago
My favorite Thanksgiving episode, which MeTV should try to fit in, is from "The Beverly Hillbillies" and is called "The Thanksgiving Spirit" where the Clampetts drive to Hooterville for a special Thanksgiving dinner with the casts of "Green Acres" and "Petticoat Junction". The best part is at the end and everyone is seated at the table listening to Jed say grace. Afterwards, the cast found time to pose for a great photo:

Pacificsun SalIanni 55 months ago
Ahhh, like they're showing it Nov 28 on Thanksgiving. See the article above for reference.
Pacificsun SalIanni 55 months ago
That would be considered a "jackpot" episode! Very few sitcoms ever cross-over with that many Stars (actors). You've hit the jackpot on that one, for sure!!!
kilimanjaro 55 months ago
What quiz?
My thoughts exactly! ❓❓❓😂
Pacificsun kilimanjaro 55 months ago
What "What Quiz?"?
Emily 55 months ago
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scp 55 months ago
I'm surprised they're not doing the Christmas episode of Wonder Woman.
Lillyrose 56 months ago
MeTV, will you air the I Love Lucy Christmas special?
cperrynaples Lillyrose 56 months ago
They can't because it's owned by CBS and they double bill it with a new colorized episode!
Lillyrose cperrynaples 56 months ago
Thanks, cperrynaples!
CBS usually airs the Lucy specials during December and has 2 episodes back to back. Hope this helps!
Pacificsun cperrynaples 55 months ago
It might be owned by CBS, however MeTV uses a lot of series offered through CBS Distribution (usually the very last credit). Am wondering if they charge charge premium for the colorized version, and give rights to the channel showing "I Love Lucy" on a daily basis? (Just wondering, not arguing!!)
Thanks, AllisonWunderland!
You are more than welcome!
Lillyrose 56 months ago
MeTV, will you air “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and “Frosty the Snowman?”
cperrynaples Lillyrose 56 months ago
Again, not available! Charlie Brown is ABC and Frosty is CBS! Before you ask, no they can't show Rudolph, that's also CBS!
Claude cperrynaples 55 months ago
Freeform is showing Rudolf this year. Does CBS own Freeform?
cperrynaples Claude 55 months ago
No, CBS doesn't own Freeform, Disney does! Rankin Bass owns Rudolph and they decide who can show it! CBS has broadcast rights, Disney owns cable rights, someone else owns video rights, but MeTV isn't included here!
Pacificsun cperrynaples 55 months ago
Like Ya' those are definitely "ready for prime time" classic network treasures! (Meaning sponsorship wise). Particularly for ABC (re; Charlie Brown)!
KennethGrueschow Claude 55 months ago
no Freeform is ABC
Lillyrose 56 months ago
I’m excited to see the Ed Sullivan Christmas specials! I love The Ed Sullivan a show! I used to watch The Ed Sullivan Show on the DECADES channel ( I don’t have DECADES anymore. But where on the schedule is The Ed Sullivan Show?
Tampammm Lillyrose 56 months ago
Ed Sullivan is on the schedule both on 12/24 and 12/25,,,,enjoy!
Lillyrose Tampammm 56 months ago
Thanks, Tampammm !
djw1120 Lillyrose 56 months ago
The Ed Sullivan Show is only on for this holiday.
Otherwise, it's not on.
Lillyrose djw1120 56 months ago
Thanks, djw1120!
cperrynaples djw1120 56 months ago
Yes, Ed Sullivan is leased from Decades!
Pacificsun djw1120 55 months ago
Right, because it's been running on Decades. Unfortunately Decades has a more limited market now than it used to.
Tampammm 56 months ago
My all time favorites that I have watched regularly for 50+ years are the Honeymooners "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and The Dick Van Dyke Show "The Alan Brady Show Presents". Matchless Classics!!

Would have really liked MeTV running these two on Christmas Day.
Pacificsun Tampammm 55 months ago
Where did the Honeymooners go, I lost track.
cperrynaples Pacificsun 55 months ago
Right now, the classic episodes are only on You Tube. Most of the lost episodes are on Amazon Prime!
RobertK 56 months ago
Wonderful! I tuned in last year and the Ed Sullivan special was on but I only saw the last 20 minutes or so. It was really great but I was disappointed that I didn't get to see the whole show... Thankfully, this year I get a second chance! It's a "must see"!!!
Sarah 56 months ago
I would love to see "March of the Wooden Soldiers" with Laurel & Hardy.
RobertK Sarah 56 months ago
I saw that when I was a kid and the villian was really creepy! I'd love to see it again as well!
Tampammm Sarah 56 months ago
If you have a Roku Streaming device, the movie can be watched there on their 2019 Christmas Channel.
Pacificsun 56 months ago
Very, very cool MeTV, thanks!

So how is it that MeTV can show individual episodes from a series that's not currently running on MeTV? Is it because these seasonal (or Christmas) episodes are offered as an individual syndication package, (meaning one that just became available this year?). Or does it mean MeTV still has the syndication rights, and might be rotating the TV shows back into an updated future schedule?

Of course I don't really expect and answer from MeTV, but maybe someone else here, has seen a dedicated schedule on a different network??
Tampammm Pacificsun 56 months ago
Hi Pacific!

Partial Answer - Some of these shows are still under syndication rights of Weigel Broadcasting, and are currently being aired on MeTV sister stations like Decades TV or Heroes & Icons. For example, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Bob Newhart Show, and The Ed Sullivan Show are currently all on Decades TV. So MeTV can just borrow their Christmas Episodes for an airing.

P. S. - really miss the "memorable" Fan Club Cafe!
Pacificsun Tampammm 56 months ago
Hi Tampammm!
(First) Thank you for the compliment. We miss the FCC very much too!
(Second) Thank you for the reply! I forgot about the Weigel connection which explains everything!
Someone certainly got creative though, by pulling the Christmas episodes together, and making them a seasonal package! I don't get Decades anymore, so it will be fun to see a few episodes their shows again!
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