Watch along and play the game: How many times can you spot the Pebbles doll in this episode of The Flintstones?

Post your guess of how many dolls you see in the comments below!

On December 25 at 6:30PM | 5:30C, MeTV will be airing the popular holiday episode of The Flintstones titled "Christmas Flintstone" as part of the final day of Very Merry MeTV.

In this story, Fred Flintstone finds himself working at "Macyrocks." After he’s promoted to filling in as the store Santa Claus, he’s then tasked with filling in for the real deal, dispersing toys to the children of the world. There’s one toy in particular that can be seen all over the episode that may have hinted at a timely toy release.

Did you notice those Pebbles dolls hanging around the store?

Throughout the episode, you’ll see Pebbles all over the place. See if you can spot each Pebbles doll and leave a comment below with the number of Pebbles dolls you spotted while watching.

On December 26, we’ll share the count to see if you got them all!

Happy viewing!

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deck2 50 months ago
fred has like 50 pebbles WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
RobCertSDSCascap 53 months ago
Fred is delivering my answer- watch out!!
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