These zany interior design pictures prove that no decade was more colorful than the 1970s

These retro rooms are so bright, you're going to have to wear shades.

When you listen to interior decorators spiel, you'll hear a lot of talk about "a pop of color" or "accent colors." Four decades ago, the American home had more than a mere "pop" of yellow or "accent" of orange. No, the rooms of the 1970s were rainbow explosions.

Earth tones, neutral tones, marble and stainless steel? Bah! How about a kitchen where EVERYTHING IS RED. It was perfectly acceptable to have a living that looked as if it were built out of Lego. Looking back, it's a little disappointing that today's interiors are not as playful.

These images largely come from books and magazines published by Better Homes and Gardens. Not everyone had a home that looked like a set from A Clockwork Orange, but perhaps you lived in a space similar to one of these?

Even the upper crust had matchy-matchy family rooms that seemed to be designed with Play-Doh.

Image: retrospace

What matches with these bedspreads? Everything. All at once.

Image: retrospace

If your furniture was not a bold color, it had better have been completely transparent.

Image: antiquealteregos

This is where the Fruit Stripe Gum zebra slept.

Image: mod-interiors

When Marcia Brady moved out of the house, it was probably to an apartment like this.

Image: manicpopthrilled

What's black, white and red all over? Your bathroom, if you so desired.

Image: manicpopthrilled

What goes with a purple tub? A giant purple eyeball.

Image: antiquealteregos

With enough black laquer, your den would be fit for a villain from Kung Fu.

Image: superseventies

"Clash" was not in the vocabulary.

Image: retronaut / Pinterest

The perfect kitchen for spilling tomato sauce.

Image: Flickr / ♥threadbare

One could go to sleep in Logan's Run.

Image: Flickr / ♥threadbare

No need to turn on the lights in the kitchen when getting that midnight snack.

Image: mod-interiors

Rainbows, clear plastic, black, white — this place has it all, especially if you're a physicist who studies the light spectrum.

Image: thecampblog

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RodgerRamJet 21 months ago
Wife thinks I have bad interior decor taste but I love 70s interior style. To me it feels like....home.
MacGyver59 24 months ago
I do termite inspections for real estate. You'd be surprised how many of these still exist.
MAGronemeyer 24 months ago
Talk about a tacky decade! Colors were definitely bold and bright as well as patterns.
idkwut2use 24 months ago
I love all, and want/need (same diff) at least one or two of them. *w*
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