This is the Saturday morning TV lineup of 1966. Can anything top it?

Was this the best cartoon lineup of all time?

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Even though we've grown up, we still haven't lost our passion for Saturday morning cartoons. We recently explored what the Saturday morning TV lineup looked like in 1976, and it stirred up a big debate. Most notably, one of our readers commented that the lineup in 1966 was much better. So, being avid lovers of Saturday morning TV, we decided to take a look and see why our reader made this claim.

Looking back at the spring of 1966, there were definitely some classics in here, like Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny and The Jetsons, not to mention some great live-action series and a dash of rock & roll. The slate was filled with familiar 'toon names like Quick Draw McGraw, Underdog, Magilla Gorilla and Secret Squirrel. Horse lovers had multiple options, too.

What's your favorite cartoon on this schedule? And tell us: Was 1966 the best year for Saturday morning TV? 

10AM - The Porky Pig Show

10:30AM - The Beatles

11AM - The New Casper Cartoon Show

11:30AM - The Magilla Gorilla Show

12PM - The Bugs Bunny Show

12:30PM - Milton the Monster

1PM - The Adventures of Hoppity Hooper

1:30PM - The New American Bandstand

8AM - Captain Kangaroo

9AM - The Heckle and Jeckle Cartoon Show

9:30AM - Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales

10AM  -  Mighty Mouse Playhouse

10:30AM - Linus the Lionhearted

11AM - Tom and Jerry 

11:30AM - Quick Draw McGaw

12PM - Sky King

12:30PM - The Adventures of Lassie

1PM - My Friend Flicka

9AM - The Jetsons

9:30AM - The Atom Ant Show

10AM - The Secret Squirrel Show

10:30AM - The Underdog Show

11AM - Top Cat

11:30AM - Fury

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Connormcenry97 10 months ago
"The Bugs Bunny Show", " Tom and Jerry" and "The Porky Pig Show" are taken from "Saturday Morning Cartoons: 1960s-1980s Collection" DVD Box Set.
CANARYMETV666 25 months ago
I must’ve kept it on CBS for I remember watching Bullwinkle and Rocky in the 60s on the Captain Kangaroo Show,so I must’ve left it on that station
MarkMcCray 30 months ago
I think this schedule was pulled from the winter of 1966. During the fall of 1966, there was The New Adventures of Superman, Space Ghost/Dino Boy and the Lone Ranger. All 3 shows dominated and it was a surprise win for CBS which during the previous season was in last place.
Lantern 39 months ago
Ah yes, The Beatles at 10:30a on ABC. This animated show was actually my introduction to The Beatles - when they hit American in 1964, I was nursery school, so I wasn't aware of them at that time. But every kid watches Saturday morning cartoons!
DavidBartholomew 39 months ago
I count 8 shows that played theatrical cartoons from the 40s & 50s ! And, even after I knew that, I didn't care!
DavidBartholomew 39 months ago
I've got a Gorilla for sale! Magilla Gorilla for sale!!,
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