Can you tell the difference between Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble?

Don't take their similarities for "granite."

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Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble are two of animated television’s most iconic women. Friends through thick and thin, they often have to clean up the messes made by their well-meaning but reckless husbands.

Wilma and Betty have many similarities. They both enjoy doing charity work, meeting Hollyrock celebrities like Stony Curtis and Ann-Margrock, and going on vacation to Hawaii or Rockapulco.

Still, there are some distinct differences between the two. How well do you know Betty Rubble and Wilma Flintstone? Do you remember what makes each of them unique? Take the quiz below to find out!

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  1. In early episodes her maiden name is Pebble but is later changed to Slaghoople.
  2. She is much taller than her husband.
  3. She makes great gravelberry pie and sold the recipe to Safestone's supermarket.
  4. She was voiced by two different actors (three if you count "The Flagstones" original pilot.)
  5. She adopted her child.
  6. In one episode, she poses as the maid when her husband's boss comes over for dinner.
  7. Rosie O'Donnell played her in the 1994 live action Flintstones movie.
  8. Her eyes are just two black dots.
  9. Her character is heavily inspired by Alice Kramden on The Honeymooners.
  10. She has a bow in her hair.
  11. She dresses as an old lady and unwittingly uses counterfeit money in one memorable episode.
  12. She owns a saber-toothed cat named Baby Puss.
  13. She met her husband while working as a cigarette girl at the Honeyrock Hotel.

Can you tell the difference between Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble?

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AnnaRentzVandenhazel 12 months ago
After restarting 3 times because I chose a correct answer and the stupid quiz claimed I picked the other one, I finally got 13/13.
DerekBird 21 months ago
You got 12 out of 13
You really rocked this quiz!

Missed #11.
Dario 21 months ago
10 out of 13. Missed the final three questions. 😁😁😁😁😁
Sparky 34 months ago
13/13!! Yay! To be honest I guessed on a couple. Love this show. Glad it’s back! Makes me nostalgic.
dethLSMO89 35 months ago
11 out of 13. Now c. I have watched this show since I was a child, about 50 years ago. Yes, could u bring the Jetsons back. That is a good one 2.
JuliaWilliams 35 months ago
Put on your thinking cap and name an actor who had a minor role in the movie version of MASH before putting on boxing gloves. Good luck. Stay safe.
DerekBird JuliaWilliams 21 months ago
Sylvester Stallone. I had read that a couple of months ago.
marilyndiggs 35 months ago
So glad there's an old school cartoon to watch on TV again
KathrynJordan 36 months ago
10 out of 13 WOW. Guess watching the re-runs pays off. Brings back my childhood of running down the stairs and watching my Saturday morning cartoons and that was the first one that I watched followed by The Jetsons. Those two and Looney Tunes were my favorites as a child.
KathrynJordan 36 months ago
Love seeing The Flintstones again!! Need to bring back The Jetsons as well!!! We need feel good shows like these two. These two keep you laughing.
Sparky 36 months ago
Thanks for bringing back The Flintstones!! Please please bring back The Jetsons too!!! 🙏🏻We need Feel Good show, especially like those, right now!!
Countrygirl 36 months ago
Thank you MeTV for bringing back the Flintstones my favorite besides the Munsters
truckss12 36 months ago
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