This is the only M*A*S*H episode to feature every major character from the show

''Our Finest Hour'' holds a special place in 4077 lore.

The strength of M*A*S*H lies in its many memorable characters. From its "Pilot" in 1972 to its record-setting "Farewell" in 1983, the Korean War dramedy saw beloved faces come and go. Henry Blake perished aboard a plane at the end of season three. Trapper left; B.J. replaced him. Charles Winchester replaced Frank "Ferret Face" Burns. Radar heads home on a hardship discharge in season eight. A different actor portrayed Father Mulcahy in the first episode.

In the end, Alan Alda and Loretta Swit would somehow be the only actors to appear in both the first and last episodes.

But there is one episode that features every significant cast member of the series — we're talking Hawkeye, Trapper, Potter, Klinger, Radar, Margaret, B.J., Blake, Burns, Mulcahy and Winchester. You can find it in season seven.

Okay, yeah, "Our Finest Hour" cheats a bit. The two-part tale follows the format of a vintage newsreel on black-and-white film. A war reporter arrives at the 4077th and interviews the doctors, nurses, officers and staff. In between these documentary-style conversations, we see flashbacks to favorite moments from early in the series. Thus, Blake, Trapper and Burns return, albeit in clips.

The man holding the microphone is worth noting, as well.

Clete Roberts was no mere character actor. The broadcast journalist had been a war correspondent in the real Korean War. So, he is playing himself on "Our Finest Hour." Nor was this his only appearance on M*A*S*H. Three seasons earlier, he had been seen as simply "The Interviewer" in "The Interview," a groundbreaking episode that paved the way for everything from This Is Spinal Tap to The Office.

Los Angeles viewers would have been far more familiar with Roberts — he anchored the evening news on KTLA at the time. 

No wonder he turned up all over classic television as a broadcaster. Keep your eyes peeled from him as a newscaster in Mannix ("License to Kill - Limit Three People"), Cannon ("That Was No Lady") and Columbo ("Dead Weight" and "Candidate for Crime"). He also turned up in similar roles on Bewitched and Simon & Simon.

The M*A*S*H universe would give Roberts his final acting role. The pilot episode for the Radar spin-off, W*A*L*T*E*R, again utilized Clete as an interviewer. The legendary newsman would die two months later.

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AbeR 24 months ago
Clete Roberts also appeared in an episode of Mission Impossible called "The Play." Again, he portrayed an interviewer, talking to protestors outside a theater.

55Corky55 46 months ago
Amidst the sorrow of a pandemic, MASH is there to tell us, "this too shall pass" and "there was worse behind us more than once."
saharaanddan 46 months ago
One of the inspirations in many a child to become a doctor was from Hawkeye’s portrayal of a kind, resourceful doctor; I hope we get more shows like this someday! I’m overtired of what is out there today.
lmahabhashyam saharaanddan 38 months ago
Never were more true words spoken.
RichardMartin 48 months ago
My favorite episode is the one where Hawkeye dreams he is floating in a boat. He is without arms and body parts are floating around him and he is helpless.
"Dreams" gave me nightmares, and I have avoided seeing that visually horrible episode ever since!
lucy 48 months ago
Love those great Actors and until the day I die I will be loving them CV Memories ♥️♥️♥️
MaryMitch 48 months ago
One of the best episodes of the series
Jdent 48 months ago
So tired of MASH. 🙄
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Jdent 67chevroletimpala 48 months ago
It isn’t for you to determine whether my comment was necessary. I felt like stating it and that’s that. If you don’t like my comment why are you wasting so much time on it? By the way, I don’t like MASH. 😂
67chevroletimpala Jdent 48 months ago
Alrighty, have a nice day, I hope to never cross paths again. 😊😊😊
Jdent 67chevroletimpala 48 months ago
You, too! You never know. We may meet and find we actually have something in common.
lmahabhashyam Jdent 38 months ago
Big problem with society today , you actually believe you are the only one that matters and that you’re the only one who has rights to an opinion. Well news flash your selfish, arrogant, rude, and self entitled. Your first comment wasn’t necessary but strokes for different folks, but your response back and since show’s the kind of person you are hope your boss doesn’t see the real you come out at work or you could be job hunting soon. Be careful what you post mean never works.
Hogansucks1 48 months ago
“Here’s looking up you old address”- Henry Blake 🤪
Tim 48 months ago
Sadly, only the low quality syndication copies exist for "Our Finest Hour." You can really see the difference when they are shown. On the upside, they are M*A*S*H's only clip episodes.
TMJ Tim 48 months ago
The episode always looked that way. It was deliberately given the grainy look to mimic an early 1950's television show.
EllisClevenger Tim 48 months ago
"The two-part tale follows the format of a vintage newsreel on black-and-white film."
The above was copied and pasted DIRECTLY from the article.
If you don't understand the terms 'newsreel' or 'black-and-white film', look them up.
In spite of yourself, you might learn something.
EllisClevenger TMJ 48 months ago
No, not "early 1950's television show",
Try newsreel, from the mid 30s to the mid 50s.
News of the day, shown before the movie, in theatres.
Pathe or Pathe News was one of the companies.
Wiseguy TMJ 48 months ago
Not true. Other than the film being processed in black & white (not FILMED in black & white) the picture was the same quality as any other episode. Something happened to the original and FOX made the decision to put the syndicated version on the DVD (otherwise it would have been an hour broadcast not the two-part episode). There were a couple of scenes cut to make room for the closing credits of part 1 and the opening credits of part 2 (although why they couldn't have gone back to the original episodes and redited the scenes into the two-parter is unknown.)
LynCarceo 48 months ago
Any of the interview episodes were among my favorites.
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