This Happy Days guest star was the first actor discovered on Don Adams' Screen Test

The game show was designed to give aspiring actors a chance to act out famous movie scenes with the Seventies' biggest celebrities.

"A Date with Fonzie" is one of the best-loved episodes of Happy Days because it famously introduced the characters of Laverne and Shirley.

But for one of the actors playing a minor part as a girl swooning over Ralph Malph’s piano playing, it was also her first big break, which came about in a rather unusual way that only Seventies TV fans can truly understand.

Sheila Sisco was just a cocktail waitress who dreamed of being an actor when actor Don Adams launched what was one of the Seventies’ most unusual game show premises, Don Adams’ Screen Test.

Don Adams’ Screen Test only aired from 1975 to 1976. To play the game, random contestants would be invited on the show to be done up in costumes, hair and makeup and then told to re-enact a famous movie scene alongside celebrity guests.

For any movie fans in the Seventies, Don Adams’ Screen Test was perhaps the only chance some people would ever have to act in a scene with some of the biggest stars of the day.

During its run, guest stars included Ed Asner, Leslie Nielsen, Robert Wagner, Bob Newhart, Shirley Jones, Loretta Swit, Zsa Zsa Gabor and many more.

At the start of each show, Adams would ask the audience "How would you like to be in the movies?"

To play, hopeful contestants filled out forms in magazines and newspapers, and out of 500 potential contestants, Don Adams and his team cast their favorites.

Typically, there would be only two contestants per show, and the prize would be a guest spot on General Hospital and a chance to be considered for movie roles.

But for the premiere, they wanted to come out big, so instead they had four contestants. Joining Sisco was a painter named Craige Citron, a clothing store assistant named Linda Marie Guccione and a dentist named Farrell Rosenberg.

When it was Sisco’s turn to act, she played Jane to James Caan’s Tarzan, and she apparently performed so well that she caught the eye of four major Hollywood stars Francis Ford Coppola, Howard Koch, Art Carney, and Jack Lemmon, as well as an agent named Jack Field.

Field took Sisco on as a client, which seemed to prove that Don Adams’ Screen Test was a legit platform for aspiring actors like Sisco.

Very soon after, Sisco was seen bopping on Happy Days, then in movies with stars like Howard Hughes, Peter Falk and Ann-Margret.

But just as soon as Don Adams launched Sisco to fame, it seems she took a different turn, getting married in the Eighties and pivoting to working behind the scenes on video productions with her son for NASA.

Although her time as a movie actor was brief, not much is known about other contestants from Don Adams’ unique game show. It’s possible that Sisco is the first and only actor Don Adams’ Screen Test officially launched.

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LoveMETV22 14 months ago
I finally found the People Magazine issue of August 8 1983 .Wolfgangs has that
I know there was in issue on that date- here's a pic of it:

Although Jedi and Diana Ross were very popular at the time. One would think an interview with Gary Marshall would merit a caption on that issues cover, (opinion).

There are numerous credits in bios of Mr. Marshall ( books, interviews( Wall St Journal, NY Times,
NBC News and others) Not that People's magazine is any less important, however there doesn't look like there are any credits pointing to that specific date or publication.

The question would be the source you're drawing that " specific date" from? $70.00 seems rather an expensive price-tag, especially for a wild goose chase that may turn up empty. It's neither the interest or problem of whomever has that specific issue if you don't find such info. Meaning they don't necessarily need to refund your💲💲.

Perhaps you should search Amazon,eBay or other sources to see if they have the same issue cheaper. Your choice though.
14 months ago
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LoveMETV22 14 months ago
I will search Amazon and E Bay and other sources to see if I can get the
August 8 1983 issue of People
The price tag is likely due to the fact it's nearly 40 years ago, and maybe that Diana Ross is the highlight story? Also are you certain that such an article exists? It's neither the "interest" or "problem" of any seller if you don't find what you're looking for. They have a product, their selling it, you either wish to purchase it or not.
LoveMETV22 14 months ago
People did an interview with Gary Marshall (2016) prior to his passing: (Not related to HD) as he had many other interests. So he has corresponded with "People":

There's just nothing that shows about your specific date in any search.
However it's: "your money"/ "your time"/ "your choice."
MarkLassman 27 months ago
I can't answer as to whatever happened to most of the names of actors who appeared on "Happy Days", etc., but I CAN answer about ONE of them.

On "Happy Days", the character of "Moose" appeared in the first season, in only three episodes and then and then the character disappeared completely.

What happened to Barry Greenberg, the actor who played "Moose"? I had known Barry for a few years before he was cast as "Moose" and lost track of him afterwards, before reconnecting many years later on Facebook. He became an attorney and an accountant (I don't know which was first) and lives and works in Los Angeles. According to IMDB, has not acted in anything since 1979.

And yes, I still call him "Moose".
EastIndy24 27 months ago
Happy Days. Waltons, Big Valley, Gunsmoke, Daniel Boone, Maverick, Rifleman, Have Gun Will Travel, Rawhide just to name a few....
mflemon 27 months ago
I love The Waltons Matlock In the Heat of the Night
mflemon 27 months ago
And more westerns and Mysteries on Me-TV
mflemon 27 months ago
I would love to see the Wild Wild West back on TV
eddiecantorfan 27 months ago
I would like to see reruns of
Captain Kangaroo and Lawrence WELK on METV!!
eugenebelvinandmoosefan8 28 months ago
I liked the Happy Days characters like
Richie Potsie Ralph Fonzie Chuck Bag
MOOSE Marsha Wendy Trudy Roger
Jenny Arnold Eugene Melvin Howard
Marion Joanie Chachi Spike Sticks
Leather Officer Kirk Spunky Gloria
Ashley Heather Bobby Tommy and
Clarence the cook but one of the
Nicest and very friendly characters
was Al Delvecchio played by Al Molinaro.
Al Molinaro was the Perfect Choice for the
Role of Al Delvecchio. Al was very understanding when Richie had problems
And Al was always interested in helping
Milwaukee citizens.
Al Molinaro was great as Murray the
cop on The Odd Couple.
Al was always talking about Rosa Coletti
But when Al had a reunion with Rosa he realized that Rosa really wasn't the right
woman for him .
Anyway I would like to say that I appreciate
Al Molinaro being cast as BIG AL on
Happy Days. I miss Al Molinaro and all of
the other actors who passed away that were actors on Happy Days.
eugenebelvinandmoosefan8 28 months ago
Practical Joker BAG (NEIL J Schwartz)
From Happy Days is in this video.
eugenebelvinandmoosefan8 28 months ago
Whatever Happened To Chuck Cunningham video by Dave Sunstrom .
is a very good video with BOTH actors
who played Chuck Cunningham on
Happy Days :Gavan O Herlihy and
Randolph Roberts.
Dave Sunstrom and GARRY MARSHALL
(The creater of Happy Days) BOTH said
The same Thing: Chuck Cunningham
Disappeared From Happy Days with no
Explanation .
eugenebelvinandmoosefan8 28 months ago
Elizabeth MacRae is wonderful playing
Lou Ann Poovie who in her first episode is seen singing at The Congo Club.
eugenebelvinandmoosefan8 28 months ago
This video with both Gavan O Herlihy and Randolph Roberts as Chuck Cunningham called The Two Chucks is wonderful and Gavan and Randolph
BOTH did a fantastic job of playing
CHUCK CUNNINGHAM who disappeared from Happy Days with no explanation after the Happy Days episode called Guess Who's Coming
To Christmas.
eugenebelvinandmoosefan8 28 months ago
I don't know whether Sheila SISCO was in the Happy Days Episode Tell It To The Marines or not but the girl in that Happy Days Episode standing behind the girl that Ralph is getting ready to dance with looks so much like Sheila SISCO that I thought that
Girl was Sheila SISCO.The girl in
Tell It To The Marines Episode looks so much like Sheila SISCO that this
girl could be a twin sister of Sheila SISCO.
Deleted 28 months ago
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LoveMETV22 14 months ago
" Can you pull up the August 8 1983 article from People Magazine where
Garry Marshall is interviewed by
People Magazine"
Don't see with a search a specific article with an interview. The closest find was a memoir Gary Marshall did with his daughter Lori:
The entire book is not specifically " Happy Days" however there is a section about the series. Reading through that section there is no mention of the "Chuck Cunningham character." There is a mention in the article towards the end about the final episode and how Tom Bosley closed out the series:

If your interested you should be able to read the section about Happy Days by going to
"Google Books" and entering the books title or here is the web address:

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14 months ago
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eugenebelvinandmoosefan8 28 months ago
I read an article about Pee Wee Herman Paul Reubens on the Internet which said that he wants to do a
Remake of the Eddie Cantor movie Kid Millions . Is this true and when will Paul Reubens start filming
Kid Millions?
Has anyone out there ever seen
Eddie Cantor in Kid Millions where
Eddie Cantor goes to Egypt to pick up the.77 million dollars.thst his father
Left him.Unvle Louie wants the money.
Movie actor JOE PENNER who made movies like The Boys From Syracuse
Ang Life of the Party and The Day
The Bookies Wept has been referred to as the Pee Wee Herman of the 1930s.
eugenebelvinandmoosefan8 28 months ago
Whatever Happened To Randolph Roberts AKA Chuck Cunningham 2
On Happy Days?
Whatever Happened To Barry Greenberg who played Moose on
Happy Days,?
Whatever Happened To Denis Mandel
Who played Eugene Belvin on Happy Days and whatever Happened To
Scott Bernstein who played Melvin Belvin on Happy Days?
Whatever Happened To Neil J Schwartz who played BAG on Happy Days?
Whatever Happened To Buddy Hart
And Tiger Fafara who played Chester
Anderson and Tooey Brown on Leave It To Beaver and whatever Happened To David Kent who played Bill Scott
On Leave It To Beaver and Janice
Kent who played Mary Ellen on
Leave It To Beaver ?
PS Whatever Happened To Harris KAL who played Bobby MELNER on Happy Days?
eugenebelvinandmoosefan8 28 months ago
Whatever Happened To actress
CAREY WILLIAMS who danced with
Happy Days Episode Guess Who's Coming To Visit?
Whatever Happened To actress
MARILEE on the Happy Days Episode
Fonzie's New Friend?
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