The true villain of Batman was that costume — just ask Adam West

Batman fights his worst enemy: His own suit!

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Batman fought his fair share of fiendish foes during his time as the caped crusader. However, according to everyone's favorite real-life Bruce Wayne, Adam West, the most evil thing about that television show was the costume he wore in every single episode.

While the costume is a symbol of Batman's iconic superhero image, it was a less-than-ideal outfit to wear if you were an actor, as West was.

In an interview for the Newspaper Enterprise Association, West explained that when he was first pitched the series, it was love at first sight. "I read fifteen pages [of the script,]" he said, "and I knew that it would be a tremendous hit."

West was right, and even though the series brought him massive fame, and changed his world, he didn't let any of his newfound stardom change who he was at the core. "I know that people are looking at me and they're expecting me to change," he said. "But I don't believe, in cases like this, it is the actor who changes — no, it's the people around him who change. Already I've noticed this. Not my good friends and not my family, but people I know treat me differently now."

Still, West was steadfast in his support of the show. He only had one singular gripe. "Running around in this freakish costume is kind of debilitating," he said.

In another interview with the Associated Press, West went into even more detail, specifically targeting that well-known mask that Bruce Wayne dons to become Batman. Again, while it works wonders for superheroes, it couldn't be worse for an actor trying to give a good performance.

"That helmet," said West in exasperation. "The worst thing for an actor is to hear his voice. The helmet echoes all my words, and I try to tune them out. And the suit. It's hot as hell under the lights and picks up all the cold at night."

While it seems pretty stressful, West decided that it was a small price to pay in exchange for being everyone's favorite superhero. "I'm content with my lot," he said. "I may have talked myself into a gigantic rationale, but as of now, I think Batman is good for me."

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AstroJim 23 days ago
The Batman series was a phenomenally popular because it provided my generation with brief and precious relief from the daily grind of dealing with the very uptight parents, teachers, and other other overly restrained and hard-shelled adults who were still thawing out from the terrible decades of the Great Depression, World War II, the Korean War, and the spread of communism across Eurasia. Thirty minutes of Batman series silliness was sort of a pressure relief valve that helped keep us from exploding or imploding in that intense atmosphere of the Cold War.
Stoney 26 days ago
I had read somewhere that the eye holes were very difficult for West to see through, to the point that he was often "stepping out on faith" when he walked while wearing the mask.
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