At first, Adam West was nervous to accept the role of Batman

West lost his bat confidence.

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What is life without a few nerves? Some of the best things, asking an important question, going into a job interview, hopping on a roller coaster — these are all things that are guaranteed to make you nervous. But if you keep an even head, they can also be life-changing opportunities in the best way possible.

For Adam West, becoming Batman was his once-in-a-lifetime great opportunity, he just didn't know it at first. In an interview with the Orlando Evening Star, West revealed that when he was first offered the role of Batman, he was a little conflicted over whether he should accept in the first place.

"I was worried at first," he said. "I was afraid that my own identity might be submerged in the trappings of a freak in tights." Luckily, the fear didn't last long, as West's level-headed nature prevailed. "I realized I should be able to make the craze work to my advantage," he said. "Before, I was limited to playing leads in low-budget movies. The series had given me the exposure — God knows —  so that perhaps I would now be considered for important pictures, which is what I'm after."

Although originally, West was on the fence about the character, once he had taken it on, he needed to perform Batman with the utmost trust and confidence.

"Batman must be played with utter conviction," West said. "There is a thin line which I must follow, between satirizing the character and playing it dead serious. He can't be tongue-in-cheek or cutie pie, because that would alienate the young audience that believes in Batman. Nor can he be the complete hero, because the more sophisticated viewers would ridicule him."

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Snickers 28 days ago
Glad Adam took the role, can't imagine anyone else playing Batman.
Sway 28 days ago
I would have thought wearing that leotard costume would make him nervous 😉
Runeshaper 28 days ago
West was a solid Batman and I really enjoy the series.
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