The new Wonder Woman is a lot older than you think

If you try guessing her age, you might be a few millennia off.

Wait... how old is Wonder Woman?! In an interview with Empire magazine, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder says the heroine is 5,000 years old in the new film. That's right — five millennia.

Not surprising for someone her age, Wonder Woman is also retired. The magazine spoke to the current Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, who said her character was apprehensive to come out of retirement and fight again.

"She's seen it all, she has seen what humans can do, so it was very hard for her to come back and fight," said Gadot. 

For being 5,000 years old (and not looking a day over 25) you can't blame her for wanting to enjoy the fruits of her labor and live in peace. 

Wonder Woman will make an appearance in DC's new film, which comes out this March. She'll take the lead in her own film next year. 

Now we're going to wonder how old Wonder Woman is in the TV series.

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