The new Magnum, P.I. has arrived and fans are not having it

If a Magnum fell in a forest without a mustache, would anybody watch it?


Take away the mustache. And the Hawaiian shirts. Get rid of the well-worn Tigers cap. What do you have? A catalog model in a red Ferrari.

At least, that's the first impression of people on Twitter to the newly released version of Magnum, P.I. 

Yesterday, CBS fired out its first look at the upcoming network television reboot of the classic '80s detective show. The shot depicts Jay Hernandez, the new Magnum, sitting idle in his expensive Italian whip. Here it is:

At least the car looks perfect.

Magnum lovers immediate set about upgrading the new Magnum:

Which was close, but not quite:

There it is. Others relied on Tom Selleck to voice their opinion:

Hernandez is best known for roles in successful films such as Bad Moms and Suicide Squad. His new Magnum is slated to roll onto small screens sometime this fall.

What are your thoughts about the new Magnum?

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JERRY6 12 months ago
Magbum sorry but Jay just does not cut it THE NEW tc was okay but hard to fill those shoes of the original , and Rick ? Sad that they keep trying to make the past , just make a NEW show with new characters . Would have been better written as Higgens PI with Magbum the houseboy
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