The Dick Van Dyke Show returns to MeTV beginning Sunday, May 5

The timeless sitcom returns in a new Sunday night lineup with The Carol Burnett Show.

MeTV is pleased to announce the network return of the 15-time Emmy Award-winning series The Dick Van Dyke Show. Airing back-to-back on Sunday nights at 11PM | 10C beginning May 5, the memorable comedy classic will premiere with a special five-week event titled "Pick Van Dyke," showcasing creator Carl Reiner’s top 10 episodes.

Across 158 half-hour episodes, The Dick Van Dyke Show followed the work and home life of Rob Petrie (Dick Van Dyke), head comedy writer for the fictional variety series The Alan Brady Show, starring Alan Brady (Carl Reiner), with plots inspired by Carl Reiner’s real-life experiences as a writer for the live variety show Your Show of Shows and the sketch-comedy series Caesar’s Hour. Mary Tyler Moore portrayed Rob’s wife, Laura Petrie, and earned two Primetime Emmy Awards for her performance.

"I am proud and delighted to be back on MeTV,” said Mr. Reiner. "Once again, The Dick Van Dyke Show is on a Tiffany Network, in good company with other timeless classics."

"It's great to have Rob, Laura, Buddy, Sally, Richie, Mel and Alan Brady back home on MeTV!" added Dick Van Dyke.

The Dick Van Dyke Show is considered by fans and critics alike to be one of the best sitcoms in television history, as the series earned 25 Primetime Emmy nominations and won 15 Primetime Emmy Awards during its five seasons (1961-1966).

While The Dick Van Dyke Show featured the same physical, slapstick style of earlier sitcoms, it was the first to showcase the work life of its lead character, paving the way for shows like The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Bob Newhart Show, M*A*S*H and others. In 2002, the series ranked No. 13 on TV Guide's “50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time,” and in 2013, it ranked No. 20 on their list of the "60 Best Series."

The iconic series culminates a night of nostalgic television on America’s #1 classic television network, with episodes of MeTV’s new original series Collector’s Call, hosted by Lisa Whelchel (The Facts of Life), at 10PM | 9C, followed by the rarely seen, early episodes of The Carol Burnett Show at 10:30PM | 9:30C.

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GOOSEYGOOSE9 24 months ago
The Executive Producers Were Danny Thomas,Sheldon Leonard And Louis F.Edelman.
JosephMatthews 60 months ago
Dick Van Dyke himself is still going strong.
PINKYLEE 60 months ago
I always loved the DVD Show - still do.

I'm so glad METV is adding it to their schedule.
JosephMatthews PINKYLEE 60 months ago
It was able to return to MeTV as CoziTV isn't renewing The Dick Van Dyke Show.
Orasultan 60 months ago
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Cyndi 60 months ago
Call me old fashioned but I'd like to see classic TV shows such as Hazel, The Donna Reed Show, Father Knows Best, The Real McCoy's, The Danny Thomas Show, Flipper, and what happened to Little House on the Prairie? I'm sure I could think of many more. I am glad to see The Dick Van Dyke Show returning to ME TV. But I'm just not fond of shows like MASH, WKRP in Cincinnati, Hogan's Heroes, Different Strokes, The Facts of Life and Charlie's Angels or ALF. During those programs I'm definitely on TVLand or a movie channel watching something else.
Moody Cyndi 60 months ago
Cozi and INSP have Little House. I wish they would "retire" MASH its been on way too long.
MrsPhilHarris Cyndi 60 months ago
Call me old fashioned too. I would love to see Hazel, Father Knows Best, The Danny Thomas Show, etc.
JosephMatthews Cyndi 60 months ago
It seems to me you like OLDIES more than CLASSIC Television. As for the shows you listed, Hazel remains under the rights to AntennaTV (MeTV or GetTV may get the rights once it leaves AntennaTV). Father Knows Best is also under the rights to AntennaTV. MeTV has aired The Donna Reed Show in the past. RetroTV has the rights to The Real McCoys. CoziTV remains having the rights to Danny Thomas Show/Make Room For Daddy. ThisTV or Antenna TV has the rights to Flipper. As for Little House On The Prairie, CoziTV has long term rights to Prairie as they are both NBC Universal products. M*A*S*H is MeTV's #1 program and #1 to advertisers and as you know, MeTV is airing it in HD where available. WKRP In Cincinnati is not a bad show (I reside in Ohio by the way). Hogan's Heroes is a great Primetime show (wished it was aired next to M*A*S*H). The Facts Of Life is in a nice morning slot (MeTV aquired it when AntennaTV didn't renew the rights). Charlie's Angels is not bad either (MeTV aquired it when CoziTV didnt' renew the rights). ALF is a funny show (MeTV doesn't seem to air much of ALF anymore). So as long as a fellow diginet channel is airing what you like, MeTV wouldn't be able to air it.
JosephMatthews Moody 60 months ago
M*A*S*H is MeTV's #1 show and #1 to advertisers, many other diginet channels would wish to get the rights to M*A*S*H (Luckilly MeTV has it). As for Little House, CoziTV is a diginet channel like MeTV. INSP is a Cable Channel. Little House does have logn term rights to CoziTV as they are both NBC Universal products.
Hazel remains under the rights to AntennaTV (MeTV or GetTV may get the rights once it leaves AntennaTV). Father Knows Best is also under the rights to AntennaTV. CoziTV remains having the rights to Danny Thomas Show/Make Room For Daddy. So as long as a fellow diginet channel is airing what you like, MeTV wouldn't be able to air it.
Cyndi 60 months ago
So glad to see Rob and Laura coming to ME TV. Such a great comedy!
JohnWilliamson 60 months ago
When you announce a change in the schedule, please also give us the choice to look at the NEXT full schedule PDF.
also be advised, MeTV can't air what CoziTV, AntennaTV, This TV, GRIT, GetTV, H&I, Decades & RTV airs.
PINKYLEE 60 months ago

If you really want to be "memorable," bring back the golden oldies from the 1950's - like Burns & Allen, for example.

Or children's programming for morning times like the old Captain Kangaroo Show starring Bob Keeshan. Characters like Bunny Rabbit, Mr. Greenjeans, Grandfather Clock, and Dancing Bear were adored by all children who were fortunate enough to see them.

The programs from that era were the basis for most of the programs we see today. We should never allow them to be forgotten.
MrsPhilHarris PINKYLEE 60 months ago
Oh yes please to Burns & Allen.
Burns and Allen: on Antenna tv
JosephMatthews PINKYLEE 60 months ago
It is not that simple.
#1, it's all about advertisers
#2, it is all about production rights on what MeTV is allowed to air.

As for the shows you mentioned, Burns & Allen show remains under the rights to AntennaTV (MeTV or GetTV may get the rights once AntennaTV loses the rights).

Captain Kangaroo was last shown on PBS. I don't think any channel is able to aquire the rights to Captain Kangaroo when the rights went to non-profit companies (one of them is founded by Mr. Bob Keeshan himself by the way).

WilliamBevins 60 months ago
Why put Dick Van Dyke on at 11 pm Sundays? You should replace Leave it to Beaver with Dick Van Dyke. Leave it to Beaver has been rerun to death.
PINKYLEE WilliamBevins 60 months ago
I agree 100%. Leave It To Beaver was annoying when I was a youngster and it is even moreso today.

It has been rerun to death!
First, it is all about advertisers. Dick Van Dyke show is just fine being at the 11PM slot on Sundays (although I agree that it should take over one of Perry Mason's timeslots). Leave It To Beaver is a great morning program (CoziTV may end up aquiring the rights to Beaver as they are both Universal products).
Deleted 60 months ago
This comment has been removed.
stephaniestavropoulos 60 months ago
Sanford and son is on Get Tv.
JosephMatthews 60 months ago
Decades Channels likely has the rights to Odd Couple and Honeymooners. GetTV has the rights to Sanford & Son
STTOS 60 months ago
Glad to see DVD back on MeTV and I assume (hope?) they won't butcher (edit) the episodes like Cozi did. It was so bad that they deleted scenes that setup gags and jokes that would appear later in the episode. That rendered the gag useless and unless you were familiar with the show you had no idea what it meant.
If you can save up the $$, you could purchase the series, then you wouldn't have to worry what gets edited out. But from my experience watching retro channels, METV does a much better job of keeping the shows in tact than Cozi or Antenna do. I'm sure they may edit out bits of the episode, but not the chunks the other stations do. I am fortunate to have been able to get the series, so I don't care when it's aired, or what's missing.
JohnAshleyAdams 60 months ago
PLEASE bring back more shows from the 70’s and 80’s for us younger folks !!!! And please take the damn westerns off !!!
I don't even care for westerns but I would rather watch them than an other episode of MASH. I almost have them memorized. I am MASHed-out. It feels like ME has been running it for years and years.
Moody JohnAshleyAdams 60 months ago
Many of us like the westerns.
Moody MrsPhilHarris 60 months ago
I agree with you about MASH. I'd like to see something else on that time slot.
MrsPhilHarris Moody 60 months ago
I do watch Have Gun Will Travel.
It could be replaced with another war show, like Rat Patrol, Combat, or 12:00 High. Just don't bother requesting McHale's Navy. It's on Antenna Tv.
Don't insult the Westerns. John Wayne is the king of westerns (MeTV should try to air John Wayne Western movies sometimes). Westerns also does well with advertisers.
M*A*S*H is MeTV's #1 show and #1 with advertisers. MeTV has also started airing M*A*SH on HD. it looks totally great.
Ricky 60 months ago
that's great....but why Sunday @ 11 p.m.??
anything to get rid of Night Gallery again i guess.....maybe you should've swapped it for Saved By The Bell!
JosephMatthews Ricky 60 months ago
Saved By The Bell is a required (e/i) program. The FCC requires all broadcast channels to air a minimum of 3 hours a week of (e/i) shows.
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