The Dick Van Dyke Show cast would laugh so hard they'd ruin film takes — on Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C, which was shooting next door

Laughter really is contagious.

They say if you do what you love, then you never truly work a day in your life. We're not sure how true that is, but one thing is for sure: If you're having fun while you're doing it, it definitely feels a little less like work.

Just as the cast of The Dick Van Dyke Show thrived on making its viewers laugh with the show's antics, the cast and crew also delighted in making each other laugh. It was a jovial experience all around, but sometimes it came at the expense of other people also working on the same film lot. 

In Dick Van Dyke's memoir, My Lucky Life in and Out of Show Business, he credits show's creator Carl Reiner and writer Sheldon Keller with being the fuel to the show's comedy fire. He wrote, "Carl was the master of knowing the difference between funny and not funny, but occasionally Sheldon took exception and the two of them got into a discussion that typically had them meeting in the middle, in agreement, and understanding that their difference of opinion came from their different approaches. Carl was a comedy purist, and Sheldon was all about the story, all about how the show was built."

Van Dyke continued, "I received a first-class education from listening to these two brilliant men argue with each other not about whether something was funny, but about what constituted funny, and what made something funny."

According to Mary Tyler Moore's memoir, After All, Moore wrote, "Laughter was a constant companion during the show's days of rehearsals." Their joy was so contagious, they ruined takes of scenes...just not on their own show.

Moore wrote, "Whether it was the writing, or each other's contribution to that humor, or just life, we were constantly getting in trouble for having ruined a take on Gomer Pyle. Their soundstage was next door. Several times a week, their assistant director would come stomping onto our set to ask if we could please 'hold down the laughter.'"

Sorry Gomer, but if we were on that set, we couldn't help but crack up too.

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rb5391 5 months ago
never laughed once at this didnt entertain me or make me laugh....just didnt get it....
AgingDisgracefully 5 months ago
Triggered flashbacks of Ray Milland and Rosey Grier!!
Who will supply the apology I demand and deserve?
I'll hang up, pout and wait for my answer.
Yep, Svengoolie showed THAT film!
MeTvEr 5 months ago
Sheldon's last name was Leonard, not Keller. It wasn't Cooper either for that matter but Sheldon and Leonard? Hmmm...
SteveO MeTvEr 5 months ago
Understand the possible error in names, but there was a writer on the show named Sheldo Keller.
Sheldon Leonard did write a few episodes, but was more known as one of the producers.
(source - IMDB)
professorecho SteveO 5 months ago
Now you’re confusing the issue my misspelling the name Sheldon as “Sheldo.” I thunk the article meant Sheldon Leonard, but a guy named Sheldon Keller did write six episodes of the series.
MaryMitch MeTvEr 5 months ago
Sheldon and Leonard of "The Big Bang Theory" are indeed named after producer Sheldon Leonard. This was confirmed by TBBT's co-creator Bill Prady.
cperrynaples 5 months ago
That's a weird mockup! It looks like Jim Nabors is a growth on DVD's back...LOL!
JamesSouth 5 months ago
Why would a one camera filmed show be shooting next to a 3 camera show filming before a live studio audience?
cperrynaples JamesSouth 5 months ago
Yeah, and also most of GPUSMC was shot outdoors!
professorecho JamesSouth 5 months ago
Yep. A lot of these remembrances and anecdotes from this site sometimes seem more than just a little apocryphal.
Runeshaper 5 months ago
It was a GREAT show and super funny! I can totally see them ruining takes on other shows LOL
Jerryfan 5 months ago
Well, Surprise Surprise Surprise.
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