The Brady Bunch played this sneaky trick on 500 fans while filming in Hawaii

The misleading story of 500 fans who met The Brady Bunch in Hawaii.

Every fan of The Brady Bunch remembers the Hawaii episodes, but there’s a certain group of 500 fans who might have reason to be as salty as the ocean over one of the Brady family’s earliest moments in season four.

According to producer Lloyd Schwartz, one of the most complicated shots of the three-episode arc wasn’t Greg’s big wipeout. Instead, it was an innocuous scene that occurred in the first episode “Hawaii Bound,” just when the Bradys have arrived at their hotel.

Schwartz told this story in the book he wrote with his dad, series creator Sherwood Schwartz, Brady, Brady, Brady: The Complete Story of The Brady Bunch as Told by the Father/Son Team Who Really Knew: "One of the first scenes we filmed was the Brady family arriving at the hotel. Sounds like a simple shot, right? Not so."

Why? Lloyd blamed the tourists: "Any time a show films on location, crowd control becomes an issue. Hawaii is all tourists, and all tourists at the hotel became a crowd that wanted to see their favorite TV family. By the time we got the shot all lined up, there were 500 people (no exaggeration) all crammed onto the sidewalk – and all in our shot."

Of course on the show, the Brady family isn’t famous, so Schwartz said they had to think quickly to get the shot as fast as they needed to stay on schedule. Schwartz said, "The Brady family is supposed to be an average American family, so 500 spectators would not normally be cheering upon their entrance to the hotel."

500 adoring Brady fans swarm the sidewalk at the Sheraton Waikiki.

That’s why, he explained in the book, The Brady Bunch producer had to tell a little white lie to all 500 of those fans. He said he grabbed a bullhorn to deliver this misleading message:

"We want you all to be in our show. So here’s what I need you to do. When I yell 'Action!' follow me over this way. And don’t look at the camera, or we can’t use the shot."

How did the massive crowd react? Schwartz said, "They were thrilled. They thought they were going to be on TV. What I didn’t tell them was that the camera was not going to be following them. As soon as I got them out of the camera line, the camera would then start rolling and pan away from the tourists to capture the Brady vehicle arrive, seemingly alone, as they went into the hotel."

In the episode, you can see a flicker of this crowd to the right of the screen as the Brady’s car pulls up to the hotel. Next time you watch, you’ll know it was a sneaky trick the producer played to capture the innocent beginning of this memorable Brady adventure.

And don’t worry, Schwartz confessed he didn’t feel exactly right about acting so shifty with the show’s fans, but in the end, he insists it was justified. He said, "My deception worked. I felt bad, but not nearly as badly as I would have felt if I had 500 unexplained people yelling at the Brady bunch: 'Marcia, I love you!', 'Florence, I have all your albums!'"

Could you imagine being on vacation when suddenly the entire Brady family checks into your hotel? That alone must’ve been something to write home about, even for fans who didn’t end up on screen!

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TVFF 33 months ago
How would 500 people (that's a LOT of people) find out where the exact shooting locations for the Brady Bunch were going to be? People weren't walking around with phones/internet in their pockets in those days in order to spread the word. And the show was never a big hit during the original run when it was in production. It never even cracked the top 30. It's not like the Bradys were the Beatles. Something about this smells fishy. Or at least exaggerated by the Schwartz family. Show business people have been known to exaggerate. Unless somebody has proof.....
Xsquid TVFF 26 months ago
News. I was in San Diego for 20 years (starting early 70’s, mostly military) and pretty much anything going to be filmed was on the news and in papers ahead of time. Obscure movies (like attack of the killer tomatoes movie, tv shows included). The news carried this stuff a lot more because there was no internet.

I worked with guys that went to where something was being shot hoping to get in.

I don’t doubt the crowd for a minute, There was always crowds behind ropes mostly.
Xsquid Xsquid 26 months ago
I saw part of the attack of the killer tomatoes being filmed. There was a crowd behind ropes.
Stefanie24 35 months ago
Love the part in the Brady Bunch Movie 2 when they're in Hawaii and Greg uses the "something suddenly came up' line when he sees Marcia in a bikini on the beach and has to run into the ocean. lolol.
daDoctah 55 months ago
They could have included the looky-loos by inserting some plot point about a big star coming to the same hotel just at the time the Bradys arrived on vacation. The tourists would just be there to see that big-name guest star, and they could even include a scene later where one of the Brady kids asks that guest star for an autograph. (They already had Don Ho and Vincent Price in Hawaii for the story arc.)
SheriHeffner 56 months ago
When they went to Kings Island the crowds were included. When they were eating lunch, some boy kept turning around and staring into the camera. I guess they got tired of it so they used the scene from a different angle, and they also said the actors were getting special attention by getting on all the rides without having to stand in long lines. The people in the park were getting angry. Plus, their fans found out where their hotel rooms were and they gathered around the place.
RobCertSDSCascap 56 months ago
Still my favorite episodes! Too bad Marcia was so bikini-shy!
msdemos RobCertSDSCascap 19 months ago

HA !! NO WAY !! For me it was Eve Plumb, who was closest to my age and just starting to "blossom" around this time......

Though I'm not saying I had NO appreciation for Maureen, I only had eyes for Eve, since it was one of the few times (the only?) that I got a chance to see her in a bikini.

Had these episodes occurred just 2 years later at the end of the show's run, when Plumb's situation had REALLY 'developed', I think 15 year old me probably would have had a heart attack seeing her parade across my TV screen at that later age...

Pacificsun 57 months ago
Creatively speaking, they "could've" used them. But would've needed to write-in a little some extra. Like ... everybody saying "Hey, OMG, there's (famous so-and-so) ...over there!" and then instruct the crowd to go chasing after him, and out of the shot frame). For external shots, they dub the sound anyway. That way, could've inserted the key phrase.

But unless they did it with everyone's agreement (no credit), they might've had to offer release forms. The production company probably didn't have the time, for such a quick inconvenience. Good story though!
VBartilucci Pacificsun 33 months ago
Please...pass the poi...please.
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