The Brady Bunch cast reunited in their renovated house – and the set looks picture perfect

See first look photos of HGTV's take on the classic sitcom home.

Image via HGTV (Gilles Mingasson/Getty Images)

Here's the story of a fam named Brady who just returned to their old TV home thanks to a picture-perfect renovation project by HGTV. We just got our first look inside and we have to admit, they really pulled the house together, recreating the Brady home almost just the way we remember it from TV:

During the reveal, HGTV invited all six siblings to take a tour of the renovated home, filming this walk-through for an upcoming documentary show "A Very Brady Renovation." After the tour, Barry Williams, Maureen McCormick, Eve Plumb, Christopher Knight, Mike Lookinland and Susan Olsen went on The Today Show to gush about the groovy experience. Plumb said, "They are very specific about what goes in the house," and as longtime fans of The Brady Bunch, we appreciate this vigiliance!

See photos from inside the Brady Bunch renovation and compare to these scenes from the classic TV show:

The Brady boys tearing down the stairs in the original Brady home.

Mike and Carol enjoy coffee in their favorite green chairs in the living room.

Alice talks to Mike and Carol, seated on that floral couch the kids often piled on.

What do you think of the renovations?

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stephaniestavropoulos 59 months ago
What do I think? I think it was a waste of time and money. All the money and time that was wasted on this hunk of wood/stone/brick could have been used for much better causes: Helping the homeless, helping animals, helping someone get an education, helping someone who is sick, helping someone start a business, {so they can feed/put a roof over themselves and their families.} I don't think one of the definitions of "paying it forward" is throwing perfectly good $ away for a frivolous reason. {Which this renovation most definitely was.}
What Humanitarian purpose has the renovation of this house served? Other than the fact, that it will be put on the market, folks will purchase it, and be able to brag about the fact that they live in a house " as seen on tv," many moons ago. What monetary value does the renovation of this house have? I mean by renovating it, will it help {$ wise,} the community in any way? It might, if someone gets the idea of turning it into a business like say a.....bed and breakfast, or a boarding house, if one or more of the Brady Kids falls on hard times, they could give paying guided tours. Or, it could be turned into Arlo Guthrie's song "Alice's Restaurant." Yes, yes, I know the song was turned into a movie, and the tv show Alice was based on the song/movie, but has there ever been an actual Alice's Restaurant? If not, this could be a first, or a grand reopening. {The blue plate special is pork chops and applesauce!}
I don't see anything wrong with what they did. It is iconic and if someone is willing to buy it, have at it. Everything doesn't have to be humanitarian. I am sure you do things in life that aren't.
First of all, it's in a residential area, so I'm pretty sure it couldn't be made into a bed and breakfast or a boarding house. It's a house. Second, it was a private residence that was put up for sale, and got bought by a TV show. Had they not bought it, it would have been demolished and replaced, and you wouldn't even know about it, so that you could lecture the world about it on this discussion, and you still wouldn't have anything benefiting the community. Frankly, I think you have bigger windmills to charge than this story.
As with Hollywood in general, HGTV is a business unto itself. Meaning their "product" (TV shows) are meant to be inspirational, and profit makers. (Obviously selling commercial time is their bread & butter). Shows like "buy this old house and fix it up" (are better than a demo). Or house-hunters looking for their dream home. These are just different kinds of life experiences directed to the kind of people who're looking for the security of a happy home! The other side of the coin, is that shows which appeal to “baby boomers” (that's us!) is a very big marketplace. I just heard on TV that “baby boomers” (retired) have the greatest amount of disposable income, as a bracket. Because their homes are paid off, the kids are self-sufficient, and generally they live within their means (minimal debt). Seems like a natural premise, to update the memories of a beloved TV sitcom show, and put that result into today’s reality! Sponsors and television producers of a TV network like HGTV are going to spend their money one way or another (to generate profit [and interest] for their channel). They will either make (separable) charitable donations to the less fortunate, or not. But they can’t be expected (as a business) to forego a money-making opportunity, simply in favor of something that “might” look better for their image. I didn’t read the backstory, but perhaps they will permit some tours initially (for payment) meaning those funds might be put towards donations for the homeless. Let’s give them the chance to prove themselves.
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