The 1970s were the golden era of repping your favorite NFL team

You don't have to be a football fan to dig these funky bedroom sets, action figures, bobble heads, lamps and more.

You could hardly find any football merchandise in 1960s Sears catalogs. Sure, there was a page of generic helmets, pads and jerseys for little Johnny, but the licensing of professional football had yet to take off. That all changed in early 1970s. Suddenly, Sears offered sweaters and pajamas sporting the logos of your favorite franchise. Even the brand new Buccaneers.

By 1976, there were no fewer than eight pages devoted to NFL swag. They don't make merchandise like this any more. As the NFL kicks off another season, we wanted to take a look back at some throwback gear. 

We really miss mini helmets. Those were awesome. Did you have any of this stuff growing up?

Helmets met Hot Wheels with these cool Buggy Kits.

"Sport" shoes. Bowling, specifically, it seems.

The leisure era had to have its plaid lounging robes for aspiring Hefs.

Lamps, no lava.

Bobble heads! The NFL is not as into advertising head rattling these days.

Even Staubach and Bradshaw had action figures.

Polyester pants complete with patch. We're guessing the bottoms belled.

Crystal tumblers were popular with dads.

You could complete any outfit with wallet, belt and undies.

"Bench Warmer" isn't always a bad thing.

What better way to dream of victory than these bed sets?

Mini helmets were fantastic. Not as great as baseball helmet sundaes, but close. This kit was much easier than collecting them from gumball machines.

Did Miami fans really need mittens?

Far more stylish than wearing a jersey to work.

They would probably sell these snapback caps at Urban Outfitters today.

The zipper cardigans were classy.

Keeping dry with ponchos.

We miss a lot of these old logos.

[Images: Wish Book Web]

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EricFuller 51 months ago
I remember putting in a quarter to get one of the mini-helmets.
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