Svengoolie is in the Dick Tracy newspaper comic strips!

Follow the adventures of Dick and Sven in the funny pages!

Svengoolie has made some powerful friends. Last year, MeTV's very own Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night host bumped into Batman, the Joker, Wonder Woman, Superman and other Justice League heroes in the pages of Svengoolie Meets the DC Universe. You'll have to go back and collect DC titles from last fall to gather the whole story.

Currently, Svengoolie is brushing shoulders with another classic crimefighter, one with a coat and hat that matches Kerwyn! That's right, Sven popped up in the panels of Dick Tracy!

In the Sunday, September 27, installment of the daily Dick Tracy strip by Joe Staton, Mike Curtis, Shelley Pleger and Shane Fisher, Dick phones Sven (well, Rich Koz — he and the detective seem to be on friendly terms) for a little help. Why? There's a mystery with a vampire happening! There's even a MeTV employee sporting a MeTV T-shirt! Golly! We feel famous.

Read the Dick Tracy with Svengoolie at

Spoiler alert: Little Orphan Annie seems to be on her way to our studios, too! Keep reading Dick Tracy to see how Svengoolie and Dick (and Annie) team up.

Dick Tracy and Svengoolie have similar roots, both products of Chicago. Illinois native and Northwestern alum Chester Gould created Dick Tracy nearly 90 years ago. The detective with the nifty watch made his debut in 1931!

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UTZAAKE 46 months ago
Wow. Should mention that Dethany Dendrobia & Guy Wyre from Bill Holbrook's On the Fastrack appeared in the storyline through July and August.
LittleMissNoName 46 months ago
It's been interesting so far. The next strip will hopefully reveal Sven's valuable information that will help Tracy crack the case. Would be neat if they could get Doug involved. Maybe the information could be given in a song!
HerbF 46 months ago
This isn't Sven's first appearance in the strip either, he's made at least one or two other appearances. Besides, Tracy's City while never named, is clearly Chicago. (Landmarks. references, the checkered-banded style caps worn by Uniformed Officers,etc.)

Even Berwin was mentioned in an unrelated storyline, even though a Chicago Law Enforcement officer would not have jurisdiction there.
ta33ers 46 months ago
What next Sven, Little Nemo, or the Katzenjammer Kids?
justjeff 46 months ago
I find it interesting that the current incarnation of Dick Tracy has *four* names on the strip's credits... when the original strip was written and drawn by Chester Gould (assistant inkers and pencilers were often not credited back then)...
HerbF justjeff 46 months ago
Joe Staton is the artist, Mike Curtis is the writer, and Shelley Pleger and Shane Fisher are the rest of the art team who support the strip - and Shelley and Shane are only credited on the Sunday strip.
15inchBlackandWhite 46 months ago
I had absolutely no idea that the Dick Tracy comic strip was still around. Or the Sunday Funnies for that matter.
Same here. I remember it as a kid. It looked like it took place in the 1930s or 40s.
texasluva 46 months ago
Nothing like those Horror TV hosts. They can turn a stinker of a horror, Sci-fi flick into a real adventure. Instead of falling asleep or getting ill watching those bottom of the B movies. They can make it worth your watching with slap-stick horror comedy. Those in the past being Vampira, Elvira and our Svengoolie that have you bending over in gut wrenching laughter. Let's not forget sometimes host Vincent Price (he throws such good parties and you just might live through it.) So to honor These fine macabre hosts we will reach into the pits of countless 'B' SciFi flicks of the 50s. Looks like James Arness plies his trade as The Creature and sets down alien law to those whom disapprove of his being. Get out the flame throwers and see if you can outdraw this deranged creature from another world.
The Thing From Another World (1951). 1h 27 min
Both James and his kid brother Peter Graves shared the same type of film. They both starred in films that had to deal with giant bugs. In 1954 James starred in Them! which was about dealing with giant ants. Three years later, {1957,} little brother Peter starred in The Beginning Of The End, about giant grasshoppers trying to devour Chicago.
JHP texasluva 46 months ago
Here in Mile Wis we had Dr. Cadaverino on what was Ch 18
THEM! Is one of my favorites. We may be witnesses to a Biblical prophecy come true. "And there shall be destruction and darkness come upon creation, and the beast shall reign over the Earth."
JHP 46 months ago
NEVER Axe Svengoolie...please Me-TV ok?!
Mike JHP 46 months ago
That's not enough!
MeTV: give Rich Koz the Three Stooges back!
If you MUST have two hours of the Stooges - restore STOOGEAPALOOZA to Rich Koz's custody!
So he can give us all that great background about the shorts!
JHP Mike 46 months ago
You are so correct - that would have been another show I would have squirreled away on my DVR
stephaniestavropoulos Mike 46 months ago
You want to know about any Stoogeformation? There are a # of websites you can go to read up on them. Or go to discount book websites and see what books are available. But I can understand why you'd prefer RK to handle the Stoogeformation: He would make it more entertaining. And speaking of Stoogeformation: nobody could teach the alphabet better than those Wise Guys. Not even Big Bird with his "Abcedecky....." version of the alphabet.
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