Spend Sundays with the Brady Bunch in MeTV's ''Brady Brunch'' theme weeks

Revisit the best of the Brady Bunch with a two-hour "Brady Brunch."

Watch the best of The Brady Bunch every Sunday starting at 12PM | 11C! "Oh, my nose!" Johnny Bravo! Joe Namath! Carol's broken vase! "Sha na na na na na na na NAH!" These classic Brady Bunch moments are part of the collective conscience.

With their bright astroturf backyard and bright outfits, the sunshiny family is perfect for summer. Which is why MeTV is proudly presenting highlights from this beloved sitcom throughout the "Summer of Me," into fall… and right up to the holiday season.

We've "bunched" these best episodes together into two-hour themes, covering everything from camping to cars.

The summer event starts Sunday, May 31. Here are the themes.

Week One - Brady All-Stars Part 1
Sunday, May 31

L.A. Dodgers turn up as guest stars in episodes about baseball and basketball!

Week Two - Brady All-Stars Part 2
Sunday, June 7

Hut, hut, hike! Joe Namath is a guest star in this batch of football episodes!

Week Three - Cindy Sunday!
Sunday, June 14

The spotlight is on the youngest one in curls!

Week Four - A Very Groovy Road Trip! 
Sunday, June 21

The blended clan head to the wilderness and on a three-part trip to the Grand Canyon!

Week Five - The Hawaiian Bunch 
Sunday, June 28

Surf's up, Greg! Vincent Price and Don Ho guest star in the epic vacation episode with a tiki curse!

Week Six - What About Bobby? 
Sunday, July 5 

The youngest boy saves Peter's life, becomes a hall monitor and steals the spotlight!

Week Seven - Puppy Love
Sunday, July 12

This Sunday is all about love, first kisses and crushes… on a dentist?

Week Eight - Is That You, Brady? 
Sunday, July 19

Jan dons a wig and whips up George Glass in a week of aliases and deceit.

Week Nine - Oliver Twist
Sunday, July 26

There's always room for one more! Cousin Oliver arrives. 

Week 10 - And The Winner Is 
Sunday, August 2 

It's a week of contests with chin-ups, the see-saw and ice-cream eating!  

Week 11 - Lost & Found
Sunday, August 9

Tiger the dog, Jan's locket, Carol's earrings and Mike's plans all go missing! 

Week 12 - Knight in Shining Armor
Sunday, August 16

Being a middle child is never easy, even for Peter. We shine the spotlight on Christopher Knight!

Week 13 - The Bradys Square Off
Sunday, August 23

The Battle of the Sexes boils over into the Brady household as the kids clash over stamps, a clubhouse and the Sunflower Girls.

Week 14 - Maid For Each Other
Sunday, August 30

Follow one of the great love stories of our time — Alice the Housekeeper and Sam the Butcher.

Week 15 - Brady's Back to School
Sunday, September 6

Greg and Marcia run for school president, Peter writes for the school paper, and Jan tries to be popular.

Week 16 - All About Eve
Sunday, September 13

Plumb, that is! Jan finally gets her day in the sun.

Week 17 - Drive Me Crazy
Sunday, September 20

Hop in the wagon for a ride! This week is all about driving, cars and fender benders.

Week 18 - Marcia, Marcia, Marcia
Sunday, September 27

Sorry, Jan! This week is all about the oldest Brady girl. 

Week 19 - Breaking Brady
Sunday, October 4

Peter breaks a vase and a football breaks Marcia's face!

Week 20 - Hey, Big Brother!
Sunday, October 11

Eldest brother Greg grooves his way into the spotlight, as he goes to work for Mike, fronts his band the Banana Convention, and hides a goat in his room.

Week 21 - Brady Sing-Along
Sunday, October 18

Have a groovy, sunshiney Sunday with Johnny Bravo, Peter's cracking voice and other harmonic high jinks!

Week 22 - Father Knows Best
Sunday, October 25

Mike installs a payphone, takes his wife on a date, sees a mysterious woman and demolishes a park.

Week 23 - A Very Carol Sunday
Sunday, November 1

Florence Henderson shows off her pipes and rings in the holiday season with the beloved Christmas episode.

See the MeTV schedule for full details.

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mary6517 37 months ago
I love TBB too. I still watch it on Sunday
An I watch I Love Lucy Leave it to Beaver
Every morning ❤️❤️❤️
mickiecgaffke 46 months ago
I'm reading Maureen McCormick's (Marcia Brady) book- "Here's The Story- Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice". WOW! Now, I watch each episode of TBB and see things through Maureen's eyes. I love her and her book! MAUREEN, MAUREEN, MAUREEN xxxoxoxoxox
MicheleGray 47 months ago
LOVE LOVE LOVE the brady bunch.....i LOVE metv, too.....awesome shows.....happy days and laverine and shirley.... thank you.....thank you...
Katzi 47 months ago
I used to LOVE The Brady Bunch! But I think it's time to let them go. "The Brady Brunch" has gone stale ,MeTV. What say we put The Monkees on in its' place ,put "Gilligans' Island" back on where it was ,put "Happy Days" on & put "The Odd Couple " on Sunday nights ? . (please? ) (BTW if my older brother knew I was asking for TBB to be taken off, he'd have a coronary attack! He & I used to fight over the TV set LONG ago! I wanted to watch TBB & HE wanted to watch Batman! We only had 1 TV!)
daDoctah 47 months ago
I need to pull out that DVD I have of a local celebrity bowling show that pitted the Bradys against the Waltons.
missb 47 months ago
Yeah, the first camping trip was one of my favorites also
pdptwo11 47 months ago
I loved the twilight zone. Especially the episode to the train ride to willobey
MrsPhilHarris 47 months ago
As a child I loved this show, but now I doubt there is such a thing as a "best" episode. That said if I had to pick one it would be the episode about the original camping trip or the Hawaii episodes.
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