Someone made a fantastic custom Columbo LEGO figurine

The toy was custom-made for eBay.

Just about every TV show in the 1970s had toys. You could get Ponch dolls, Fonzie dolls and Wonder Woman dolls. However, one famous detective from the MeTV schedule missed the plastic figurine treatment. Until now.

Hats off to "hamdinger2004," an eBay merchant who hand-crafted this wonderful LEGO tribute to Columbo. He even got Peter Falk's five-o'clock shadow in there. Columbo comes with a magnifying glass and a cigar, which was made from a modified little LEGO paintbrush.

The detective's iconic tan raincoat was custom made by another eBay seller, according to the description.

Just one more thing… only four of the things were made available. Hamdinger2004 even created a little murder scene.

Image: hamdinger2004 / eBay

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