Robbie Rist named his pet snake after Lloyd Schwartz

Spinoff idea: Cousin Oliver and Lloyd the Snake.

What to name your pet is one of the most important decisions that you can make in your life, right beside what to name your child and what to eat for dinner tonight. A pet is a best friend and a member of your family, and as such, they'll need a name that reflects their personality as well as the love that you have for them. Much like deciding where to eat for dinner tonight, maybe we're overthinking it.

You may be pleased to know that Robbie Rist, better known as Cousin Oliver in The Brady Bunch, had a throng of pets as a child as amiable and plentiful as the Brady family themselves. In an interview with The Berkshire Sampler, Rist, then ten years old, spoke of his pets. He said, "I think of them as family" and added, "It's really sad when we lose one of them."

At the time, Rist had a myriad of pets, each named after someone important. Some of them were named after fictional characters, such as three turtles named Charlie Brown, Linus, and Lucy. These are in addition to a cat named Woodstock. Others were named after celebrities, like a horned lizard named after comedian Paul Lynde.

Most delightful of all was a ribbon snake that Rist had named after Lloyd Schwartz, son of Brady Bunch creator Sherwood Schwartz and frequent Brady collaborator and producer. The article specifically stated that it was common knowledge that to have one of Rist's animals named after you is to be considered the "ultimate compliment." As proof, Lloyd Schwartz was apparently aware of the snake being named after him and was reportedly delighted. 

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CoreyC 7 months ago
Cousin Oliver did not kill The Brady Bunch. All The Brady Kids outgrown their roles, the fighting of Robert Reed and Sherwood Schwartz and Sanford and Son was destroying The Brady Bunch in the ratings.
LoveMETV22 CoreyC 7 months ago
That's correct, he didn't however they brought him onto the series for the youngness factor because the Brady kids had matured over the span of the series. The episode with Ken Berry and the three boys he adopted aside from a spin-off hope was much the same reasoning. Unfortunately neither paid off. The Robert Reed/Sherwood Schwartz battles were throughout the series and Mr. Schwartz has a very thick skin when it came to Robert Reed's antics. The actors on the show had all reached the end of their contracts and the network would need to re-negotiate with a higher salary for most of the cast. So the network decided to let the series end.
bradyguy LoveMETV22 6 months ago
I can't understand this sentence...IS It even a sentence??

"The episode with Ken Berry and the three boys he adopted aside from a spin-off hope was much the same reasoning."

If you're saying what you're TRYING to's not the same Even if Kelly's Kids had been successfully spun off the BB, it wouldn't have helped the BB stay on the air. It simply would have given Schwartz and his crew another to which they could devote their time and attention...and perhaps to make some money! Oliver WAS a blatant attempt to change up the BB and breathe some life into the situation half of the sit-com...unfortunately, there wasn't enough comedy there...
LoveMETV22 bradyguy 6 months ago
Well that's great you have such an interest in the series. My understanding from what has been published over the years is that the Oliver character was introduced to bring a youngness factor back into the series. The episode with Ken berry was an attempt at a spin-off series. Which it seems neither was successful.

My comment to CoreyC was not intentionally meant to be AAMOF in nature, but more conversational in nature. Either way the series ended when it did so the rest is just history.
Runeshaper 7 months ago
That's really cute! I love my pets and they are family (-:
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