Barry Williams really did wipe out while surfing in Hawaii on ''The Brady Bunch''

A memorable scene in The Brady Bunch was actually one of Barry Williams's most embarrassing moments.

One of the best arcs on The Brady Bunch has to be the first few episodes of season four where The Brady family heads to Hawaii for a vacation and attempts to fend off an evil curse that brings bad luck. However, it turns out that real bad luck was happening among the cast during the actual production of the episode.

You might remember a specific scene where Greg loses control of his board while surfing in the ocean and accidentally falls into the water. Well, that moment was genuinely a real blunder from Barry Williams, better known as Greg Brady, who took an actual fall during that scene.

Believe it or not, the original plan was for the crew to use a stunt double for the scene, but Williams, an avid surfer, begged to star in the scene himself. His wish was granted, and in the beginning, Williams was hanging ten like a champ, until things went horribly wrong.

The actor remembered the situation in his book, Growing Up Brady: I Was a Teenage Greg. He wrote, "A section of the wave closed out, and I flew through the air, careening toward an exposed coral head that was sticking up out of the water by a good two feet, and drooling over its chance to chew me to shreds."

He confessed, "Greg's wipeout was more spontaneous than planned."

Luckily, Williams was able to think fast, which might have saved his life. He wrote, "As I fell, the top half of the wave broke over me, and I tucked, using its force to turn myself completely around. I was still on a coral collision course, but now, thanks to luck, reflexes, and the forces of nature, my head was spared. My feet, however, got turned into hamburger meat."

Luckily, the shot made for some great television, even if there was some pushback about including it. Williams wrote, "When we got back to L.A., the network took one look at Greg's wipeout and got nervous about the footage being 'too frightening for the nature of the show.' However, after some debate, the shot was indeed included."

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Bapa1 4 months ago
I read his book also. When they were in the outrigger canoes Susan Olson fell overboard and Williams dove in to rescue her. Her cries of "Thelp, Thelp" alerted him.
harlow1313 4 months ago
I blame it on the Tiki idol. Same with the eruption of Hawaiian volcanos.

It really was a close one, when Gregg lay down on the water!
LoveMETV22 harlow1313 4 months ago
It was Vincent Price's choice with Cousin Oliver (his pet name for the totem Pole). Think it was more a reference to "Robbie Rist" maybe in advance, but hey who's to say!
WordsmithWorks harlow1313 4 months ago
Cue the "tiki" music. Where is Mr. Hanalei when you need him? Remember, Bad things come to those who touch!
Bapa1 4 months ago
This story is not true. The truth is Williams refused to do the scene, and Ann B. Davis stepped in to do it.
Runeshaper Bapa1 4 months ago
harlow1313 Bapa1 4 months ago
Well, at my advanced age, old Ann B. has begun to look pretty dang good to me!
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