R.I.P. Bridget Hanley, the sweet Candy Pruitt from Here Come the Brides

The self-described ''tomboy'' played the love interest of teen idol Bobby Sherman.

The Everett Collection

When Here Come the Brides premiered in 1968, the papers pitched its redheaded star as a tomboy. In a syndicated entertainment column, Bridget Hanley was shown in midair, floating above the dirt in a frock, a football cocked back in her arm like Bart Starr. Her uncle, Dick Hanley, had been the head football coach at Northwestern University. Her father, Lee F. Hanley, played for the Wildcats. 

Her pop and his four brothers grew up in Spokane, Washington, across the street from Bing Crosby. 

You could say Bridget was the perfect actress to play the lead in Here Come the Brides, a lighthearted Western rom-com loosely based on Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. The show was set in the lumberjacking community of Seattle, Washington. Men needed female companionship, so, well, "Here Come the Brides." Hanley herself grew up in Seattle. 

"I was a real tomboy," she told the papers in 1968. "The family lived on a big property that had a forest. Some of the tree camps my sisters and I built are still up." Her high school track coach wanted her to run on the boys' team — until her dad put the kibosh on that idea.

Here Come the Brides aired for two seasons as the Sixties came to a close, on the tail end of the Western television boom. Mark Lenard (Star Trek), David Soul (Starsky and Hutch), and teen idol Bobby Sherman filled out the cast alongside Hanley. Sherman played her love interest. The show also happened to feature the only dramatic, non-martial arts role in Bruce Lee's career — he appeared in one episode as a guest.

A decade later, Hanley landed a starring role in Harper Valley PTA, alongside former Jeannie Barbara Eden. In between, the actress popped on shows such as Love, American Style, Welcome Back, KotterEmergency!, CHiPs and The Odd Couple. She married director/producer E.W. Swackhamer, who helmed episodes of The Partridge Family, The Rookies, Hazel, Gidget and, yes, Here Come the Brides.

Hanley switched acting gears and transitioned to more stage work later in her career. Hanley passed away on December 15, according to The Hollywood Reporter. She was 80.

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clara732 27 months ago
Love her on HCTBs. There are Facebook groups and pages: Here Come The Brides Fan Page, Here Come the Brides; It's All In Fun, The Bridget Hanley Appreciation Page. There is a short questionnaire to answer.
mojomoonjo 29 months ago
I love/hated her (Bridget Hanley) cuz Jeremy Bolt (my true love, Bobby Sherman), chose her... but yea! They were adorable together! I was a HUGE Bobby Sherman fan! ❤❤ Albums,posters,magazines... 1¹y older sister by 11 years came down from UC Berkeley, to visit and made fun of my "shrine" as she called it , so I took it all down while she was visiting ,then put everything right back up once she left. I dumped him when he got married and (eeek!) didn't tell his fans first like he had promised in some 16 magazine interview or something silly like that. Lol
Vickymartin 31 months ago
Please play the reruns of “Here Comes the Bride”!
clara732 Vickymartin 27 months ago
Go to YouTube, my friend has them on her April Wade's Nostalgia Channel
WSK2513 31 months ago
I had the hots growing up for her. She was the only actress I wrote a fan letter to!
MikefromJersey 31 months ago
She was also in The Second Hundred Years as a regular the year before Brides came on.
Like all my buddies in 4th grade, I was besotted with her. Woof woof.
We couldn't understand why the girls in our glass didn't  look like Bridget.
The catchy theme was a big hit, covered by many including Perry Como, it
has to be in the top 25 themes of all time.
HCTB had an outstanding  episode "The Firemaker" with Ed Asner.
Jason gives a brilliant oration near the end about Charles Lynch, the word lynching inspired
by his murdering ways.
This was during the 1960's Civil Rights battles, the script was commenting on them in
a way - High Chaparral did the same - that got the message past the affiliates in the
South so they wouldn't refuse to run the episode.
But any aware person watching got the message.
Check out "(Gangway Lord!) The Here Comes The Brides Book" by Jonathon Etter.
"girls in our glass"
That should read "class" of course. So I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
AndreaZ 31 months ago
Such a mesmerizing image. Love her green eyes.
AMgirl 31 months ago
I haven't thought about Here Come the Brides in years, it used to be a favorite of mine, I loved Bobby Sherman like so many other tween girls, I thought Bridget Hanley was so pretty, didn't know she had passed until I came on this website.
Barry22 31 months ago
RIP. Always thought she was really pretty.
MrsPhilHarris 31 months ago
When I was a kid I thought she was so beautiful.
JHP teire 31 months ago
me 3
JHP MrsPhilHarris 31 months ago
red hair green eyes - a blue pill in disguise:)
CaptainDunsel 31 months ago
I rather liked HCTB, and very much enjoyed Bridget Hanley as Candy.
In the article, they mention co-star Mark Lenard and associate him with "Star Trek".
For any true fans on both series, check out the novel "Ishmael" by Barbara Hambly. It's a time-travel crossover which involves Star Trek's Mr. Spock with the denizens of Seattle and "Here Come The Brides". Actually pretty entertaining.
KJExpress CaptainDunsel 31 months ago
What an interesting subject for a book. I might have to check that out. 🖖
daDoctah CaptainDunsel 31 months ago
I actually read it for a different reason. It has references to the three hosts of fX network's morning show "Breakfast Time", including Bob the puppet (whose name I believe was spelled "Bahb" in the book).
CaptainDunsel daDoctah 31 months ago
Are we talking about he same book? Barbara Hambly's novel was published in 1985, 9 years before the fX network came into being. Or might it have been referring to the British show "Breakfast Time", which ran from 1983 to to 1989?
teire 31 months ago
I liked her, especially in Brides. Thanking her and condolences to her family.
Peter_Falk_Fan 31 months ago
I am sad to hear this, but my wife is very sad. "Here Come the Brides" was her favorite show when she was a little girl. She thought Candy Pruitt was so cool.

I remember Bridget Hanley in the "Columbo" episode "Columbo goes to College". R.I.P. Bridget Hanley. A beautiful and talented woman.

Hey MeTV, "Here Comes the Brides" would be a nice western for your channel.
Well, it has been on Decades, but would more likely be on GetTV since HCTB is owned by Sony!
daDoctah cperrynaples 31 months ago
Actually, I notice it's also on the MeTV Plus schedule.
Oops! I goofed on the last line. It should say "Here Come the Brides".

Update: I searched my cable company's TV guide to see if "Here Come the Brides" is on somewhere. Success! A local channel will start showing it on January 2nd.
KJExpress Peter_Falk_Fan 31 months ago
I'd like to see that again. I mostly just remember the theme song. 🎶
clara732 Peter_Falk_Fan 27 months ago
As I stated on another comment, you can watch HCTBs on YouTube on my friend's channel. April Wade's Nostalgia Channel
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