Mickey Rooney's son, Teddy, appeared in one episode of The Rifleman.

He starred alongside Edgar “Uncle Joe” Buchanan.

Though it was only on for a relatively short five seasons (at least compared to marathon Westerns like Gunsmoke and Bananza) The Rifleman had many notable guest stars, including baseball legends and comedians in serious roles.

Of course, there was also a rotating group of character actors who filled out the world of North Fork. Before he cemented his place in viewers’ minds as Uncle Joe from Petticoat Junction, Edgar Buchanan appeared in six Rifleman episodes. The first five times, he played Doc Burrage, one of many actors to portray the town doctor. His last role on the show let him flex both his comedic and dramatic muscles playing the lively but stubborn Grandpa Fogarty in "The Long Goodbye."

Fogarty lives outside North Fork raising his grandson, Woody. The pair pride themselves on being completely self-sufficient, although it's becoming increasingly clear that Woody would benefit from going into town more often and getting proper schooling.

Fogarty resists the change. The plot thickens when an old acquaintance, recently escaped from prison, pays a visit demanding money from a past train robbery.

Buchanan imbues his character with crotchety stubbornness but also a good amount of spirit. Grandpa Fogarty loves to tell a tall tale.

Teddy Rooney, son of Golden Age film star Mickey Rooney, played young Woody. Teddy was in many projects in the late 1950s and early 1960s. He acted alongside his famous dad in the movie Andy Hardy Comes Home and played Doris Day's son in It Happened to Jane, also starring Jack Lemmon.

Besides The Rifleman, Teddy was in episodes of Lassie, McHale's Navy and Wagon Train. He left acting to pursue music with his brothers Tim and Mickey Jr.

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Craigg 42 months ago
(at least compared to marathon Westerns like Gunsmoke and Bananza)

Bananza? Is that the old western about the family that owned a banana farm?
texasluva 42 months ago
Teddy Rooney passed on in 2016. Mickey Rooney had eight wives, eight biological children. He left nothing to his children nor wife. It all went to his stepson Mark. Whether the other rumors were true or not I do not know.
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