MeTV remembers Ed Asner with some of Lou Grant's best Mary Tyler Moore Show episodes

The tribute includes the first and last episode of the groundbreaking sitcom.

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We lost a TV icon with the passing of Ed Asner. While people might remember him as the cranky-but-loveable Carl Fredricksen in Up or Santa Claus from Elf, there's no denying that he leapt into TV legend with his role as Lou Grant in The Mary Tyler Moore Show and its successful spin-off, Lou Grant. In fact, he would get five out of his seven Emmy wins as Grant, making him the male performer with the most Emmy awards in history.

In tribute to Asner, MeTV will be running four episodes of The Mary Tyler Moore Show on Sunday, September 5, highlighing some of Asner's best performances as Grant. Episodes include: 

  • "Love is All Around" — Lou Grant hires Mary Richards to WJM-TV in the premiere episode!
  • "Once I Had a Secret Love" — After a few too many drinks, Lou has a fling with Sue Ann and asks Mary to keep it a secret.
  • "Lou Dates Mary" — After another disappointing date, Georgette suggests Mary date Lou.
  • "The Last Show" — There isn't a dry eye to be found in this emotional final episode.

The two-hour tribute will air on Sunday, September 5, at 2PM | 1C.

In addition, MeTV will run Asner's 1963 episode of The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, "To Kill a Butterfly" the same night at 1AM | 12C.

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Shar65 34 months ago
Betty is the only one left of the MTM group and she is 99.
Shar65 34 months ago
Thank you me tv for the tribute to Ed Asner watching the Mary Tyler Moore show and The Love Boat brings back many memories. R.I.P. Ed and Gavin.
LoveMETV22 34 months ago
Thank You MeTV for the Ed Asner tribute shows. Truly enjoyable to see. Definitely Memorable TV for a memorable actor.
Shar65 34 months ago
R.I.P. Ed Asner,keep Gavin Macleod and the others company, I will be watching the Mary Tyler Moore show and the love boat today.
BorisK 34 months ago
Lou Grant is likely my favorite all-time show -- really loved it. Best work Asner ever did IMHO.
kkvegas BorisK 34 months ago
I'm in complete agreement with you.
Nala92129 BorisK 34 months ago
Did you see "The Gathering," a very touching movie about a terminally ill man's last Christmas with his estranged family? Ed Asner was great!
Rita6868 34 months ago
Rest in peace Ed.I miss you already! I tried for the last 3 months to get a Cameo from him but he was unavailable.It turns out he was still working at age 91! I still watch The MTM Show everyday.I have watched that show since It started when I was 8 years old.I wanted you to sing the line " Come on along come on along" like you sang on The Mary Tyler Moore Show.What a great actor.Thanks for all of the memories and tell "The Gang" Rita says Hi! Love you always Ed!!
FrankCollins 34 months ago
Thanks for showing the final episode, which I think was one of the greatest finales ever.
FrankCollins 34 months ago
The Mary Tyler Moore Show was highly overrated. But I would love to see the show, Lou Grant, again.
xmysix 34 months ago
Why are there no reruns of the Lou Grant Show from the seventies?
BorisK xmysix 34 months ago
There really should be -- they showed them for a while on HULU then stopped.
David 34 months ago
Just to keep the record straight, the movie with Elvis was Change of Habit.
CoreyC 34 months ago
I wished MeTV would have done a tribute to Gavin MacLeod who died earlier this year.
Shar65 CoreyC 34 months ago
So do I loved him so much on The Love Boat,they should have.
DocForbin 34 months ago
Let's not forget that Asner also voiced J. Jonah Jameson in the 1990s "Spider-Man" animated series as well, which just goes to prove that if you can play one cranky newsman, you can play them all. All kidding aside, RIP Ed Asner.
CoreyC DocForbin 34 months ago
Ed Asner also voiced Granny Goodness in Superman TAS.
kidhickey 34 months ago
I can Remember when the Night of the Last show of the Lou Grant show , Staring ED Asner , the didn't end it on an official series ending , they ended it because of some type political statements , that Ed Asner , was making , well i don't remember the show , i was working 3rd shift at the time , and i would have my tv on , and i the last Scene of a show , i would get waken up by the show's ending scene at night before that show went to commercials , and return to show's final credits , well i was laying in bed , and dosing sort of listening to that what would be the last show of the Lou Grant Show, right at the very end of the show , there is something i never in that's ending scene , at very end of that scene , i could a Trumpet softly playing the Show's Theme Song , i remember i never heard that before , and that show , never came on the CBS network again, as in prime time showing, it maybe in reruns being shown , there was no series ending show, it just stop !I have heard much about Ed Asner until here at his passing of 91 .
JuliaWilliams 34 months ago
The 'Alfred Hitchcock Hour' episode is 'To Catch A Butterfly', not 'To Kill a Butterfly'.
MarkBaum 34 months ago
How about bring back the Lou Grant TV show that ran from 1977 - 1982 on CBS. Long overdue.
Robbob58 MarkBaum 34 months ago
I loved the Lou Grant show and that would be a great addition to the METV line up. METV are you listening?
Nala92129 MarkBaum 34 months ago
Better choice than "Monk!"
LalaLucy 34 months ago
Loved his performances in anything I have seen him in, but especially on MTM. He was always gruff yet lovable. I had a sad feeling he was going soon. It's been a rough few years for this show. Now, there's just Betty left, unless you want to count Gordy the Weatherman and Bess, though, to be fair, they were part-timers.
Sooner 34 months ago
He was a good actor, but he also was a card-carrying communist.
obectionoverruled Sooner 34 months ago
Yep, sorry, I avoided him and never cared for his outspoken liberal socialistic views. When you have a big mouth as a TV celebrity the door swings both ways. It’s not nice to trash the deceased but I trashed him when he was alive and active, so why be two faced now?
"When you have a big mouth as a TV celebrity the door swings both ways." Yeah. Tell that to the BIGGEST LOSER for whom you voted in 2020.

"It’s not nice to trash the deceased but I trashed him when he was alive and active, so why be two faced now?" Well, because that's one of the few things Republicans do so extraordinarily well. You know, back the blue until there's a coup. Then it's OK for insurrectionists to attack the Capitol police with flagpoles and bear spray, right?
TeresaDraper Sooner 34 months ago
And you know this how?
Better than being a fascist pigs 🤪
DoubleNaughtSpy 34 months ago
This comment has been removed.
At least they don't run around burning down half the country because like spoiled children they don't get their way.
Nala92129 Sooner 34 months ago
No, he wasn't, but he was against the Vietnam War & campaigned for Democrats.
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