Me Madness 2021 is now open! Vote for your favorite MeTV cartoon character!

The Toonyment has begun! Will an animal or a human win it all?

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In 2021, we're celebrating the cartoon characters of MeTV! Our animated characters come in all sizes… and species on Toon In With Me, Saturday Morning Cartoons, The Flintstones and The Jetsons. There are rabbits and dogs and ducks, oh my! We split our bracket into Animal and Human (and Robot and Alien) divisions.

But which MeTV cartoon character do you cherish the most? Me Madness is here to find out!

Come back each Wednesday and Saturday beginning at 8AM Eastern | 7C to vote as we move from Round 1 starting Wednesday, March 17, through Round 5, the finals, starting Wednesday, March 31.

Who is the fan-favorite cartoon character of MeTV? Let’s find out.

Watch Toon In With Me on MeTV!

One Full Hour

Weekdays at 7 AM

*available in most MeTV markets
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LooneyTraceGG 14 days ago
Yes, My Favorite WarnerMedia-owned character, Bugs Bunny, has officially beat out all of them!
kimmer 16 days ago
Loving the old Nostalgia of the cartoons that we grew up with.
Howie33 16 days ago
I love this show. I record every day, so, i can watch in the afternoon!
rayma 16 days ago
I am so happy 😊 to see the old cartoons on again like bugs and daffy and the road runner yo
Jacki 17 days ago
I love Toon in With Me. The cartoons remind me of a happier time.
R8toactive 17 days ago
I love the show. Record every single one and still watch every morning! Great job MeTV!
retired2019 17 days ago
Does anyone remember Richocet Rabbit or Quick Draw Mgraw? Pardon my spelling!
Moody retired2019 17 days ago
I sure do! They were a couple of my favorites. I don't think either of them have been on tv in years. Would love to see them again!
"I'll do the thin'in' around here and don't you forget it!" Yes I do. I always liked his El Kabong since I was into Zorro.
Peter_Falk_Fan 17 days ago
Gee, I wonder who will win. It would have been closer with Fred Flintstone vs Bugs Bunny.
I thought it was going to come down to Fred vs Bugs.
crispiana 17 days ago
I also was not able to vote in either the semifinals or the finals. I kept receiving a message thanking me for voting.

Try the link above and click on the finals tab. Please let me know if this works.
Jacki LittleMissNoName 17 days ago
Thank you. I tried but I kept getting a message thanking me for already voting. I'm sure Bugs will win even without my vote. I had the same problem in one of the other rounds.
Jacki 17 days ago
When I clicked the link to vote in the Tooney finals, before I could click on Bugs Bunny a checkmark appeared on Yosemite Sam. I tried to go back to get that checkmark out but it wouldn't let me.
LittleMissNoName Jacki 17 days ago
We now know who to partially blame if that meanest, hootin'est, tootin'est, shootin'est, bob-tail wildcat, in the west villian wins the tournament. :-)
LooneyTraceGG 17 days ago
As always, Bugs Bunny is my favorite Warner Bros. Owned character, and I'm proud of my self for voting for him on the Finals.
DEMcHugh 17 days ago
Don't you think it is time to get rid of Andy Griffith? It is a good program but over and over the same shows, I know the dialog by heart.
tmac1951 DEMcHugh 17 days ago
They don’t switch shows very often, the rifleman has been on at least 12 years, hogans heroes forever as well, I don’t understand it at all
SheriHeffner 17 days ago
I love Toon In With Me. I record it and watch it when I don't work. I love all the characters on it.
waynem1954 18 days ago
I toon in for the cartoons -- FF through everything else.
tekamc 18 days ago
I love Toon In with me, the cartoons are classic. I love Bill, Toony, Lorna and Mr Quizzer. They make me laugh. Thanks for the show.
tekamc 18 days ago
How about Woodie Woodpecker or Jonny Quest cartoons

Please air "Get Smart" or "Threes Company", Thanks
Peter_Falk_Fan tekamc 17 days ago
I would like to see "The Avengers", or "I Dream of Jeannie" I agree with those cartoons. I'd like to see one of my favorites, Underdog, or any Hanna-Barbera production, like "The Huckleberry Hound Show" or "The Banana Splits Adventure Hour". Uh-oh Chongo!
BobJarvis 19 days ago
GREAT cartoons 👍 Look to start morning w every day 4 this half century adult. I'ma pitching are u a catching. Foghorn 😜
nehru64 20 days ago
I would love Jonny Quest ,the original!!!!
If we want to see METV keep introducing new cartoons to the schedule in the future, make sure to keep watching The Saturday, Sunday and weekday morning blocks when time allows. Also, make sure friends and family who love classic cartoons, are tooning in.

WEDWAY33 nehru64 19 days ago
Johnny Quest YYYYEEESS, Herculoids, Space Ghost, Frankenstein Jr.....
LooneyTraceGG 20 days ago
On the fourth round, I done very good on All choices, Hopefully I succeed this Toonyment.
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