Martin Milner was, by his own admission, ''dull''

"I'm just not an exciting guy."

It can be easy to assume that because they're on television, actors live crazy and over-the-top lives, every bit as scandalous as the media has led us to believe. But for Adam-12 actor Martin Milner, that simply wasn't the case — and he preferred it that way.

In an interview with The News Tribune, Milner discussed his regular life, and said, "I'm just not an exciting guy. I guess I'm pretty dull. At least I lead a pretty dull life, by Hollywood standards.."

So, what was Milner doing, if not partaking in fabulous Hollywood parties and rubbing elbows with the elite? Well, it turns out he was spending his time in much better company. "There's nothing I like better than spending time with our four children," he said, referencing his wife, whom he married in 1957. He added, "We don't entertain the Hollywood names and we're not entertained by them."

He further cemented his preference for the more regular aspects of his life and added, "I won't take my work home with me. I won't direct all my energies toward furthering my career." Milner also referenced his previous co-star in the series Route 66, George Maharis, who gained prominence during and after the series. Milner said, "George's whole life is his career. For him, it's paid off. For me, it's not worth the price."

However, this doesn't mean that Milner's time as an actor didn't lead to any excitement. Milner had previously done work with the Los Angeles Police Department for his series. However, he remained tight-lipped regarding his time there. Still, it seems that no matter where he is or who he's playing, Milner preferred being a regular Joe to anything else any day.

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OldRog 9 months ago
Was very impressed with Milner as a family man. While doing Route 66, the sponsors annually offered Milner and Maharis a new Corvette as a gift. One year, Milner asked for a van-type vehicle so he could have his family travel with him while doing the show. A good guy.
teire 9 months ago
A regular Pete. Fond of both Adam-12 partners. Nice story.
Adamtwelvia teire 4 months ago
They were best friends in real life as well as on the show. I bet Kent McCord wouldn't call him dull.
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