Kent McCord remembered the first time he met his Adam-12 costar, Martin Milner

How McCord and Milner went from costars to friends.

Beginning a new job can be a daunting experience for anyone. It's a new environment, new rules, and a whole new group of people who you have no idea if you'll get along with. 

For Kent McCord, that case of new-job jitters was only further emphasized by the fact that in his new series, Adam-12, he would be starring with seasoned actor, Martin Milner.

Milner was already a well-known television star for his role as Tod Stiles in Route 66, a series with four seasons under its belt, and Milner had appeared in every single one. So, when the pair were thrust together by Universal, to say that McCord was nervous was an understatement.

Luckily, according to an interview between McCord and the Athol Daily News, Milner put McCord's fears at ease, just a little bit, by reminding him that even experienced actors experience some nerves.

McCord said that when the two met, "Marty was yawning and told me how he couldn't sleep the night before beginning a new show. I'd had a restless evening too, so hearing that from a veteran actor was very reassuring. From that moment on, our relationship was cemented." 

The actor was also able to speak on the success of the series as well. He said, "The charm of Adam-12 was its simplicity. Just two cops in a black-and-white patrolling the streets of Los Angeles. The moral of the stories was simply — crime doesn't pay." 

He continued, "To this day, I get police officers telling me they became cops because of Adam-12. Others remember how kids approached them differently before and after the show aired. Its positive impact meant a lot to Marty and me."

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tootsieg 4 months ago
Nice article about a couple of real nice guys. Thanks MeTV!
McGillahooala 4 months ago
Wonderful story about two of the best actors.
Adamtwelvia 4 months ago
Love Adam-12! They had such great chemistry on the show, you can tell they were great friends.
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