Martin Milner was an avocado farmer first, and an actor second

Milner had his priorities in order.

It's great if you're a hard worker, but in order to have a fulfilling life, it can't be all work, all the time. If you work hard, you've got just as much of a right to play hard and find some hobbies that make your day more enjoyable. 

For example, Martin Milner was a passionate actor, but it wasn't the only thing in his life. According to an article in The Vancouver Sun, Milner moved himself and his family out of the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles so that they could move to an avocado ranch. Still working as an actor, Milner would then have to make the drive from his own slice of paradise over to the Adam-12 set to shoot an episode.

However, he never complained. Milner stated, "It isn't bad. It's only about two hours, each way." Milner also said that his reason for the move was for the children.

Still, Milner wasn't trying to trade the life of an actor for the life of a farmer. He was simply aware that his work shouldn't consume him. He stated, "This show is about as hard as I want to work." The shooting schedule took up a little less than half of Milner's week, which meant that he had more time to spend with his family and work on his hobbies.

Milner spoke to The Leader-Post and said, "I can't imagine doing anything else. Being an actor is something I'll probably do all my life. I'm sure I won't always be working as hard as I do now, but I'll keep working as long as I can do the kind of things I want to do. I can fish, play golf, and  go to the theatre with Judy [his wife] whenever we come to New York, and travel, and just enjoy life."

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DZee 4 months ago
Would have been nice if the writers actually named WHERE the avocado farm was.
jdsteve DZee 4 months ago
Fallbrook, California
Barryward 4 months ago
In the 70s I lived in north Hollywood and was used as a extra on many shows and movies paid 40 day I had the pleasure to be in a few of the takes of Adam 12 show it was a great time to live in LA I am an avid car collector in mass and always on the lookout for a Adam 12 police car or a correct clone any leads contact [email protected] thanks barry

Adamtwelvia Barryward 4 months ago
Did you get to meet either Martin Miller or Kent McCord? What were they like?
GOOSEYGOOSE9 4 months ago
I watch dragnet and Adam 12.
Adamtwelvia GOOSEYGOOSE9 4 months ago
Me too! 10 times better than NYPD Blue!
GOOSEYGOOSE9 4 months ago
Michele Olsen does watch dragnet as well as Adam 12.
DocForbin 4 months ago
My favorite non-Adam-12 performance by Milner is his appearance on the "Mirror Image" episode of the original Twilight Zone. That episode also has the distinction of having the most Upstate New York references of any TZ: TOS episode (five Upstate New York communities are mentioned in it).
GOOSEYGOOSE9 4 months ago
Adam 12 is on me-tv Michele Olsen watched that. Tv series on me-tv she watched dragnet and Adam 12.
GOOSEYGOOSE9 4 months ago
Martin Milner had a work partner kent McCord. They were good friends.
GOOSEYGOOSE9 4 months ago
Martin Milner rip. I liked him
In Route 66 as well as Adam
12 Kent McCord is his work partner. In real
McGillahooala 4 months ago
It’s good to hear stories about actors and actresses who don’t let the fame go to their heads.
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