Lynda Carter pays it forward with 'Wonder Woman' reference on 'Supergirl'

The TV icon teaches the new generation some old tricks.

The CW

It's been nearly 40 years since we last saw Lynda Carter don the red, blue and gold as Wonder Woman, but that doesn't mean she's keeping her superhero acting completely in the past.

Last year, Carter started her recurring role as President Marsdin on the CW superhero series Supergirl. 

Supergirl and Wonder Woman have a lot in common, but the main thread that ties these two shows together is they're both lead by strong and confident women. 

It only makes sense that Supergirl pay homage to the '70s superhero series by making subtle references to it. 

TV director Rachel Talalay recently talked to Cinema Blend about those hidden references and what it was like to work with the iconic actress. She also divulged how Carter pays it forward to the new generation of superheroes.

There was an absolutely magical moment when it was scripted that Melissa [Benoist] was to do the 'Wonder Woman' twirl to put herself out when she was on fire. Lynda came and said, 'I'll show you how to do it.' I have on my phone a video of Lynda Carter showing Melissa Benoist how.

Talk about learning from the best!

You can judge for yourself to see if Benoist did Carter justice. Take a look. 

The CW

There was also another thinly veiled reference to Wonder Woman on Supergirl in the episode "Welcome to Earth." While President Marsdin is aboard Air Force One, she briefly talks about her "other jet," no doubt a reference to the classic invisible jet used by the superhero.

Even though Carter won't appear in the new Wonder Woman film, set for release this summer, it's nice to see she's still attached to character in some respects.

You can catch Wonder Woman Saturdays at 8PM | 7C.

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