Lucille Ball's first-ever Hollywood home goes on the market

Here's the story behind the first-ever home Lucille Ball bought in Hollywood.

When we think about Lucille Ball, we think about the comedic genius and businesswoman who created one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time and became the first woman to head a major production studio. 

We forget that everyone has to start somewhere, including our heroes.

Recently, the first-ever Hollywood home owned by Ball went on the market. The place hardly resembles the bungalow Ball purchased in 1933, but it's a slice of history. 

RKO PicturesBall in 'Roman Sandals' (1933)

If those four walls could talk, they would tell a story about the 22-year-old actress who just signed with RKO Pictures. It would be several years before she met her future husband, Desi Arnaz, and nearly two decades before the premiere of I Love Lucy. 

Ball's mother, brother and grandfather followed her out to California from New York and took up residence at the bungalow as well. According to the Daily Mail, the grandfather used the home as a meeting place for his Communist friends, putting his granddaughter's career in jeopardy. 

Today, the home stands at 1344 N. Ogden Drive, just two blocks north of Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood, Calif. It boasts two bedrooms and a certain vintage flair that makes it easy to believe the comedic legend once resided there. 

This slice of history could be yours for the price of $1.75 million. Here's a look inside:

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