Lorne Greene's "Ringo" is perfect for the next Tarantino soundtrack

Last week, we shared a rare ditty by Batman star Adam West and flashed back to fifty years ago to remember the Beatles' Help!

And that got us thinking — thinking about another obscure gem from a MeTV star that goes by the name of "Ringo." 

Long before he saddled up for Bonanza, Lorne Greene was known for his voice. But not through singing. The Canadian dropped acting and chemical engineering out of college to go into broadcasting, where he read news for the CBC. Because of Greene's sonorous voice, the national radio dubbed him "The Voice of Canada." Yet when Greene began reading the names of WWII casualties, he earned the name "The Voice of Doom." 

That deep, chesty voice adds a heavy dose of cowboy cool to "Ringo." In 1964, Bonanza was on high, landing at No. 1 or No. 2 in the ratings with regularity. The 50-year-old Greene took his Ben Cartwright fame to the studio and made Welcome to the Ponderosa. He had previous released some records — a story album for children, a Christmas album and a pop ballads album called Young at Heart. Ponderosa hit the Top 40.

"Ringo" is the best cut off the record. It's Johnny Cash meets spaghetti western — and, no, it's not about a British drummer. One can easily imagine it in Quentin Tarantino's upcoming western, The Hateful Eight. He eats this stuff up. And so do we. Listen to it below and add a little swagger to your step.

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