Loads of incredible TV show costumes and props are up for auction

Iconic costumes from Batman, Star Trek, Buck Rogers and more can be yours.

Halloween may have just ended, but it's never too early to start thinking about your next costume. Especially when iconic outfits worn by Spock and Robin are going up for sale.

Prop Store, a London and Los Angeles based dealer of entertainment props, is holding its first all-television, all-eras live auction next month. In particular, it's a sci-fi lover's delight, filled with treasures from Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers, Batman, Star Trek, Wonder Woman, The X-Files, Lost in Space, Twin Peaks and so much more.

What's up for sale? Well, you can pick up Buck Roger's gold jacket (estimated cost: $3,000–$5,000), Lt. Bloomer's uniform from Battlestar Galactica (est. $4,000–$6,000), Elvira's wig (est. $2,000–$3,000), Mork's egg spacecraft (est. $20,000–$30,000), or an Airwolf jumpsuit (est. $1,000–$1,500).

There are claymation puppets used in everything from California Raisins commercials to Gumby. Furnish your own home with interior decorating objects from Pee Wee's Playhouse. Glam up your wardrobe with gorgeous gowns from Star Trek: The Original Series, including a caftan worn by Yvonne Craig. Slip into a full-size H.R. Pufnstuf suit.

But the most expensive items on the block come from Batman. Frank Gorshin's green Riddler suit is estimated at $100,000–$150,000, which is nothing compare to the clear "Bat-Shield" used by Adam West, which is pegged around half a million bucks. The starting bid for that item is $200,000. Holy gavels, Batman!

The catalog packs a lot of wonders. Take a tour through the complete collection, which runs the gamut from Maxwell Smart's I.D. badge to Sopranos tracksuits.

You can bid now or bid live during the auction on December 1.

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Moriyah 43 months ago
If only they had a Gomer Pyle costume, then I could get it!
Pacificsun Moriyah 43 months ago
Unfortunately the Jim Nabor's auction closed in 2019. But this link will take you to the site of it, and give you an indication of some of some of his preferred possessions.


hockeygrinch 47 months ago
Bring back Saturday morning Cartoons!!!!! Please
Pacificsun hockeygrinch 43 months ago
Well the never had Saturday morning cartoons to bring back. Unless they appeared somewhere before 2015. That, I couldn't say.
70s80stvfan 66 months ago
I wonder what ever happened to J. Forest Ackermann's collection after he passed away.
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