This is what it would look like if we had Instagram in the 1970s

Social media would be a whole lot different if it existed in the '70s

Today, people document everything they do on social media. But what would that have looked like in the 1970s? We've come up with a few ideas for what Instagram accounts would look like if they existed in the grooviest decade. 

On Instagram, we would let our mood rings do the talking.

Obviously Farrah Fawcett would be our "Woman Crush Wednesday."

We would document our frustration about waiting in line for gas.

What would Instagram be without food photos?

Throwback Thursdays would be a lot older than they are now.


Selfies would still be a thing.

The biggest events of the decade would be documented on everyone's Instagram account. 

Associate Press

Celebrities would have a chance to connect to their fans.

And we would show people just how fun the '70s were. 

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