How to apply Svengoolie makeup, according to Svengoolie

Get in the Halloween spirit and learn how to look like the iconic TV horror host with instructions drawn by the man himself!

What's black and white and red on the lips? A zebra in a kissing booth, but also Svengoolie's face.


  • 8/18 8:00PMHouse of Frankenstein
  • 8/25 8:00PMHouse of Horrors
*available in most MeTV markets

The Son of Svengoolie made his television debut in 1979. Twenty years ago, the son grew up to be the Svengoolie. For decades, the host has brought classic horror films into households. Of course, these days, Svengoolie is a staple of MeTV's Super Sci-Fi Saturday Nights. 

Looking for the perfect Halloween costume? Just want to rock a classic horror look at any time of the year? Svengoolie has you covered. The man himself drew up instructions on how to apply the Svengoolie makeup. You'll need a top hat, black suit coat, pale face makeup, red lipstick, a black grease stick or black eyeliner crayon, and some facial hair (either real or false). Rubber chicken is optional. Though, really, it's not. You gotta have the rubber chicken.

Check out the how-to below. Click here to download a hi-res PDF of the instructions.

Svengoolie has some some cinematic Halloween treats lineup up for you, too. On October 24, tune in to watch the 1931 Dracula (10PM | 9C) with Bela Lugosi, complete with a mesmerizing film score by Philip Glass and Kronos Quartet. On Halloween night (10PM | 9C), catch a gorgeous new print of Frankenstein with Boris Karloff.

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