Here's how 7 chip brands have changed since we were kids

Who remembers what the old Doritos bag used to look like?

Everyone has a favorite brand of snack chip, and it's probably remained the same since we were kids. 

But one thing that hasn't stayed the same is the packaging. Brands change so gradually over time, it's hard to remember what they looked like when we were growing up. 

We've put these seven chip brands side by side to compare what they used to look like versus what they look like now.

Here's how the look of seven brands has evolved over the years.


Spelling matters. Fritos went from being "krisp" to "crisp" in the span of a decade. Though how exactly were they "tender"?


The Cheetos Mouse was the brand's first mascot in the 1970s. The more aggressive Chester Cheetah took over the next decade and has remained ever since.


Not only has the packaging changed immensely, so have the chips. Frito-Lay funded a costly redesign to make the chips lighter and less jagged in the 1990s.


Who remembers when "Wow!" chips were a thing in the late '90s?


Apparently Bugs Bunny was a fan of Lay's in the 1980s.


The packaging for the "newfangled" potato crisps has remained pretty consistent, with the mustachioed Julius Pringles getting a couple of facelifts over the years. What happened to his rosy cheeks?


It was wise of the company to put an owl on the bag in the 1960s.

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DocForbin 39 months ago
Not too long ago when they had those taco-flavored Doritos they were in a package that looked similar to the 1970s design. They kind of disappeared after the pandemic hit last year.
DocForbin PeterGuerin 39 months ago
This is what the package looked like by the way:
Joe 50 months ago
I particularly remember those small 1970's Frito bag designs from the multi-pack box. I even collected the now-politically incorrect, "Frito Bandito" pencil erasers.
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