Have an animated Valentine's Day with Toon In With Me Valentine cards!

Toony is red, his fish tank is blue...

Do you love your sweetheart more than Toony loves donuts? (Wow...that's a lot of love!) Now you can celebrate Valentine's Day with your own printable MeTV Toon In With Me Valentine cards! Send your love with Toony, Bill, Goldie, and more!

Click here for printable document!

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Runeshaper 28 months ago
LOL those are cute (-: Happy Valentine's Day!
Johannarene87 28 months ago
I love the Boxcar one the best!!! Boxcar rules!
Pacificsun 28 months ago
The Valentines are very cute.

I remember playing with them in grammar school! Lots of fun! Hope the kids here enjoy them too!
texasluva 28 months ago
Movie for Valentines Day. Fun movie with Hayley Mills. The Trouble With Angels 1966.


bagandwallyfan80 28 months ago
When I think about Valentine's Day one thing I think about is the Happy Days episode with
Ralph Rebel and Kitty when
Potsie was singing Calendar
Girl and DAPHNE (Hillary Horan)
Liked that Neil Sedaka song.
I also like the Happy Days episode Be My Valentine
Where the Happy Days Regulars
Were singing Love Songs .
In the Happy Days Episode
Be My Valentine Joanie(Erin Moran) is Daydreaming about
How FONZIE (Henry Winkler)
Would spend Valentine's Day and one of Fonzie's girlfriends looks like DAPHNE (Hillary Horan) who played the drums in Richie's band after Bag (Neil J Schwartz) and Sticks(John Anthony Bailey) played the drums in Richie's band and before Chachi Arcola Scott Baio
Played the drums in Richie's band.
top_cat_james_1 28 months ago
Are you supposed to send these to people you hate?
LoveMETV22 top_cat_james_1 28 months ago
Well you could. Guess it depends on which one you send. You don't want to send a mixed message LOL.
Pacificsun LoveMETV22 28 months ago
Andybandit 28 months ago
I will take Speedy Gonzales valentines day card. He is my favorite cartoon character.
My favorite cartoon characters are:
5 BUGS Bunny
6Yosemite Sam
7 Daffy Duck
8 Porky Pig
9Mighty Mouse
10 Rocky And Bullwinkle
11 Dudley Do right
12 Betty Boop
13 Woody Woodpecker
14 Johnny Bravo
15 Tennessee Tuxedo
16 Astro Boy
17 Underdog
18 Flintstones
19 Jetsons
20 Screwball Squirrell
Moriyah 28 months ago
They should do this with more shows, should they?
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Pacificsun Moriyah 28 months ago
Not a Valentine, but these backstories and interviews about a beloved show can be very interesting!

bagandwallyfan80 Moriyah 28 months ago
Gomer Pyle + Lou Ann Poovie
Gilligan + Mary Ann Summers
Bag ZOMBROSKI + Mary Ann McCarthy
Eugene Belvin + Jenny Piccalo
Wally Plumstead + Ginger
Wally Cleaver+ Julie Foster
Dobie Gillis+ Thaila Menniger
Ralph Malph + Kitty
Joanie Cunningham +
Chachi Arcola
Gomez Addams + Morticia
Herman Munster + Lilly
Rob Petrie +Laura Petrie
Sgt Carter+ Bunny Olsen
Superman +Lois Lane
Mork + Mindy
Pee Wee Herman+ Dottie
Potsie Webber + Jennifer
Dagwood + Blondie
Buddy Sorrel +Pickles
Moose + Carey Williams
Professor + Ginger Grant ?
Andy Taylor + Ellie Walker
Andy Taylor+ Mary Simpson
Andy Taylor+Peggy McMillan
Andy Taylor+Helen Crump
Barney Fife +Thelma Lou
Ernest T Bass+Rowena
Ted Baxter + Georgette
Melvin Belvin+KC Cunningham
Richie Cunningham + Lori
Beth Allen
Earl Hicks +Margie
Henry +Chole
Beaver + Penny Woods
Kate McCoy +Luke McCoy
Wilbur Post +Carol Post
Ed Sawyer + Lucy Matthews
Vera + Elliot
Arnold Horshak +Mary
Gabe Kotter +Julie Kotter
Lucy Ricardo + Ricky Ricardo
Fred Mertz +Ethel Mertz
Robbie Douglas +Katie
Steve Elliot + Betty Jo
Bobbi Jo +Orrin
Sam Jones + Millie Swanson
Fonzie + Cynthia Brannigan
Fonzie +Ashley
Richie +Gloria
Richie +Arlene Holder
Richie +Arlene Nestrock
Pete +Gladys
Eddie Cantor+Ida
Howard Cunningham +Marion Cunningham
Valentine People:
Lou Ann Poovie and GOMER PYLE
Mary Ann Summers and Gilligan
Richie Cunningham and Lori Beth Allen
Chachi Arcola and Joanie Cunningham
Wally Plumstead and Ginger
LoveMETV22 28 months ago
💓💖💕💗💜💞💝💘 Happy Valentines Day 💓💖💕💗💜💞💝💘
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Pacificsun LoveMETV22 28 months ago
I agree. That's why Disqus got dropped.
LoveMETV22 Pacificsun 27 months ago
Not any researcher extraordinaire!, but I do appreciate the kind words. You had said at one point that MeTV switched platforms. I had at some time saved or favorite'd the 1st story in 2013 and first quiz in 2015: (I'm guessing they were the 1st on this platform)
First story: December 26, 2013
First Quiz: July 14, 2015

My curiosity is if you or anyone may had saved one of their stories or quizzes under the old platform? and does it differ greatly or is just the comment area different? Just curious. I know you posted an image the other day,( I think you may have removed it) But I'm guessing that was your Fan Club Cafe, not an example of MeTV's stories or quizzes?🎪🌴.
Pacificsun LoveMETV22 27 months ago
Re: "Not any researcher extraordinaire!, but..."

Responding backwards.
Yes, the image and short text from "The Final Curtain" post was the last story from Fan Club Cafe (but not a link). We had to save anything we wanted to our Hard Drive. I'll try to find John's story which was my favorite.

I believe most of MeTV's stories can be found from any search on their site. The text and presentation would be similar. I don't remember their website looking much differently. But the comments were not usually saved with them, (which is only from my own experience in looking for old topics).

From a search on the internet:
This story came from 2016, so you can see how it looked then.

And this one from 2015 when they were first showing the series.

I can see from the 2013 story that disqus comments are no longer attached (it was controlled by disqus) so that if I wanted to leave a comment today, I could.

I think it's very cool that they had/have a way of transferring all their text (stories) into a consistent format (template) they use for appearances. I like that their site has a very specific appearance (identity) and that they have keep everything so accessible over the years. Re: the Chips quiz, I noticed that somebody had left a new comment only 4 mos. ago. That's a very nice feature.
LoveMETV22 Pacificsun 27 months ago
Well I think that answers my question. So I am guessing prior to that 1st story or quiz there was nothing before that. Yes some of the old stories if you look back have a "null" Wonder what they mean by that? You can still open the story and comment if you wish. I found if you go into stories or quizzes and just put the year as a search, example "2013" "2014" etc.... it will show some not all though for that year, as if a more recent story has a mention of that year it shows as well.
CortneyNicole 28 months ago
Happy Valentine's Day! ❤
To you too! 💖💝💞❤️
adamsbabe 28 months ago
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone
MrsPhilHarris adamsbabe 28 months ago
And to you too! 💝💞💘💕
Check TV Banter with Joanne Madden on your Cellphone.
There are articles about Bag
(Neil J Schwartz)And Moose
(Barry Greenberg) from Happy Days and Chuck Cunningham
(Randolph Roberts and Gavan ,,O Herlihy .
Love Songs
1 Do You Want To Know A Secret
By The Beatles
2 PS I Love You by The Beatles
3 Return To Sender -Elvis Presley
4 Pretty Little Angel Eyes by
Curtis Lee
5 Earth Angel by The Penguins
6 My Special Angel by Bobby Helms
7 Lady In Red
8Cupid by Sam Cooke
9 Tammy by Debbie Reynolds
10The Theme From A Summer
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