Watch MeTV's Super Colossal Cartoon Christmas this Monday at 8PM | 7C!

Two hours of classic Christmas cartoons — plus Svengoolie and the cast of characters from Toon In With Me.

MeTV’s weekday series Toon In With Me will make a primetime appearance with the all-new original Christmas special, MeTV’s Super Colossal Cartoon Christmas, on Monday, December 13 at 8PM | 7C. And look for a special appearance from Svengoolie… and the big man himself, Santa Claus!

The Colossal Cartoon Christmas special will present classic holiday-themed animated shorts, including Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, Popeye, Sniffles and other beloved characters from Christmas past.

Here are the cartoons you will see:

"Gift Wrapped" (1952) — Sylvester wants Tweety for his Christmas present.

"One Ham's Family" (1943) — Tex Avery directed this Three Little Pigs holiday tale for MGM.

"Gifts from the Air" (1937) — A toy soldier asks Santa to visit an orphan in this Color Rhapsody from the Columbia studio.

"Peachy Cobbler" (1950) — A shoe cobbler gets special assistance in finishing his work.

"Somewhere in Dreamland" (1936) — Dave Fleischer directed this animated classic.

"The Fright Before Christmas" (1979) — Taz tears into Bugs Bunny's holiday.

"Bedtime for Sniffles" (1940) — Chuck Jones, the animator behind How The Grinch Stole Christmas, helmed this early favorite that Boomers remember growing up with.

"Seasin’s Greetinks!" (1933) — Popeye gives OIive Oyl a pair of skates.

"The Night Before Christmas" (1941) — Hanna and Barbera directed this acclaimed Tom and Jerry spin on the familiar tale.

Toon In With Me's very own Cartoon Curator Bill Leff will host alongside his sidekick, Toony the Tuna (Kevin Fleming). Look for special appearances from Mr. Quizzer, Goldie Fisher, and a new face — Christmas Carol.

Watch Toon In With Me on MeTV!

One Full Hour

Weekdays at 7 AM

*available in most MeTV markets
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Michael 1 month ago
It repeats in two parts on Thurs Dec 23 and Fri Dec 24 at 7am.

The original schedule had the whole thing rerunning on Christmas, at 6pm, but it's not listed on the updated schedule
Jack 1 month ago
Thank you! Thank you for the Cartoon Extravaganza! I had not seen some of those cartoons in 60 years. Great childhood memories and had forgotten all the cartoons that came before looney Tunes and Bugs Bunny. Please do it again before the 1st of the year!
ysusank49 1 month ago
Please do an encore of the 2 hour Christmas cartoon extravaganza. Please show it again before Christmas
TCTobias007 ysusank49 1 month ago
Yes, I missed it!
eyegor 1 month ago
That was a fun two hours. Hot apple cider, Christmas cookies, and some good cartoons made for a nice evening.
CJLV 1 month ago
This is 💯 better than anything Network TV has available!

Networks don't broadcast Holiday Specials like they used to (everything is App exclusive, or Cable Channel exclusive)!

Network Executives with no Holiday Spirit deserve a lump of coal in their stockings (ME-TV / Toon In With Me Christmas Special inspires Good Cheer!) 🎄🎅🏻
Aimsly 1 month ago
OH no! I missed it! Will MeTV'S Super Colossal Cartoon Christmas be on again? Please?!
BugsBunny1 1 month ago
im chilling out and watching it now in my jammies its going to be good
Wa 1 month ago
Yea! Christmas cartoons in prime time! Merry Christmas everyone!
kittie 1 month ago
They have the cozy firelogs going too.
kittie 1 month ago
I'm excited to see these cartoons are on in the evening for Christmas.
LmerFudd 1 month ago
Recliner reclined, candy at the ready...let the holiday toons begin!
RonBravo 1 month ago
what I would like to ask is when is MeTV going to add F troop .... one of my favorites ,thanks Ron
Texasrocks7 1 month ago
I too am ready for some new programming! Saved by the Bell Andy Griffith and Gomer Pyle have all ran their course many times over. Let’s see some new stuff! Mod Squad Room 222 Dallas or Knots Landing
TCTobias007 Texasrocks7 1 month ago
They have some good stuff on MeTV+
If you live in Chicago or Kingman
KevisBasnair 1 month ago
Is this the complete cartoon list for tonight? If not, can I have a complete list? I ask because I get out of work at 8PM tonight and it takes me a while to drive back and shower up. Thank you.
PoorInRichfield 1 month ago
I'm super excited for two more hours of cartoons to celebrate my favorite holiday. Thanks MeTV!
TCTobias007 1 month ago
Any chance MeTV can replace CLASSIC STAR TREK and BUCK ROGERS (only two seasons!) on Saturday nights?? Y'all have run those into the ground!

Can we get something else?? Battlestar Galactica, Logan's Run, Space:1999, UFO or Fantastic Journey might be good options.
RobertLata 1 month ago
What no bedtime for sniffles!?
Smiledude02 RobertLata 1 month ago
Did you even read it?
AndreaZ 1 month ago
Gotta admit, Goldie Fisher gets my Toony excited every morning ;)
CANARYMETV666 1 month ago
I’m going to love the 2 hours of cartoons Monday Night can’t wait,hope I can stay awake
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