Fantasy legend Frank Frazetta painted some gorgeous 'Battlestar Galactica' promotional art

These TV Guide ads belong in a museum… or on the side of a van.


Growing up as a young sci-fi fan in the late 1970s was bliss. Star Wars blew your mind — and your parents' wallets as they tried to buy all those action figures. The blockbuster inspired a fleet of television space adventures, from Battlestar Galactica to Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. Even the original Enterprise crew returned for Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Like we said: the glory days.

Of course, back then, geekdom split into two camps — Star Trek vs. Star Wars. Trekkie declared that Star Wars was technically more fantasy than sci-fi. This is not an incorrect assessment. But: so? Fantasy can be just as satisfying. 

When it came to promoting Battlestar Galactica, ABC went in a fantasy direction. The network hired the greatest fantasy visionary of late 20th century, Frank Frazetta.

Frazetta is perhaps best known for his depictions of Conan the Barbarian. Muscles rippled and hair flowed long on his human figures. Aside from churning out countless comic covers, Frazetta also crafted art for everything from Molly Hatchet album sleeves to paperback reprints of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan novels.

You didn't have to dig deep to find his artwork. In fact, you could find it in TV Guide.

Frazetta's mesmerizing Battlestar Galactica advertisements leapt off the pages of the television listings. The ad copy also sold the show with pulpy, ripping episode descriptions. 

"Pursued by alien Cylons, Battlestar Galactica… its men struck down by a deadly plague… is defended only by a heroic squadron of woman warriors!"

How could you not tune in? We want to put that on right this instant.

The other ads were equally gripping.

Image: Space1970

Image: Space1970

The full color originals are, as they would say aboard the Galactica, frakking beautiful.

Image: Space1970

Image: Space1970

Image: Space1970

That last one was used to promote "War of the Gods." Don't you just want to slap it on the side of a Chevy conversion van? Starbuck never looked so ripped.

[Source: Space1970 via Syfy]

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