Eddie Albert had the best response to people who ''turned their noses up'' at The Beverly Hillbillies

"That show is one of the best-written series on television. So is my show," he said.

Eddie Albert was a man who stood up for many things, even if it meant going against powerful people. We've all heard about the rural purge, how it completely wiped out all shows surrounding country/farm living and what critics believed "praised stereotypes." In 1970, the first wave of the purge happened.

According to the Calgary Herald, in a 1970 article, for the first time in 14 seasons (years), CBS saw a ratings defeat against rival NBC, and the network thought it was time for a new approach to gain their audiences back.

Its network programming was about to change drastically, and CBS President Robert Wood wanted to "shed its hayseed, silo-set image."

The article stated that top-10 favorites were dumped, like Red Skelton, and even mentioned Petticoat Junction, which ended in April of 1970 due to the network's change in direction. What rural comedies managed to survive the first wave? Green Acres and The Beverly Hillbillies.

Eddie Albert, who played Oliver Wendell Douglas on Green Acres, didn't hold back his thoughts when he was asked about the changes. "Hogwash," the actor told the Calgary Herald. "It wasn't that at all. I'll tell you what it was. The brass at CBS are more concerned about what their Madison Avenue friends think than what the public thinks."

Albert didn't believe ratings had anything to do with CBS' decision to wipe out rural comedies. "The boys on Madison Ave. always turned their noses up at Beverly Hillbillies as though it was Dogpatch illiterates. But let me tell you something, that show is one of the best-written series on television. So is my show," he added.

Both shows saw major success, and despite being on critics' "worst shows" list, audiences tuned in every week.

He continued, "What those SOBs at the network and their Madison Avenue friends never wanted to accept is that there is more humor, more raciness, double entendre in Beverly Hillbillies or Green Acres than in any other show. There's more humor in one Hillbillies (episode) than there could ever be in a month of Bob Hope shows."

Although Green Acres and The Beverly Hillbillies survived the first wave of the purge in 1970, both were canceled in 1971 as CBS focused on a new era.

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Rightrepair1 13 months ago
Look at which shows fade away.. Even in Re-runs.. and Look at which shows still are playing...That should tell the Ad. exec something... Green Acres, B. Hillbillies, Gilligans Island, I Love Lucy, Perry Mason.. etc etc. Well written well acted, an escape for people from pressures of daily living.
Ceedawg 13 months ago
A typical episode of "Green Acres" might've been written by Samuel Beckett or Jean-Paul Sartre, because of the indefatigable sense of absurdity and surrealism the show contains. I watched "Green Acres" as a child, and years later when I read "Waiting for Godot" in college, I recognized the similarities. Vladimir and Estragon in "Godot" might've been conducting their dialogue on the road between Hooterville and Pixley.
Wiseguy70005 14 months ago
It Is a misconception that Petticoat Junction was cancelled because of the "purge." Ratings fell after the death of Bea Benaderet and the 1968-69 season was supposed to be the last; they even filmed a final episode where Betty Jo was pregnant again! CBS actually brought it back for one more final season so there would be enough color episodes for syndication (the new baby was never mentioned again). It was already scheduled to end production in 1970. Had nothing to do with the CBS purge.
EvyR76 14 months ago
Even as a kid I always wondered if the people who actually lived in the country were upset about how they were portrayed on these shows.
ecarfar EvyR76 14 months ago
It actually made me want to live there.
RedSamRackham EvyR76 14 months ago
* Those "country" folks enjoyed these shows and were able to laugh at caricatures of themselves. Besides remember that in 1962-63 season Beverly Hillbillies as lead-in saved critically acclaimed Dick Van Dyke Show from cancellation.
lesterg59 14 months ago
The CLASSICS will never be beat the acting was great the shows had the best actors and co-stars and special guest stars way to go Eddie Albert on point about your show and Beverly Hillbillies thanks for the laughs still watching these classics better than shows of the 2000's
Jim 14 months ago
And with the demise of these shows, so ended classic TV.
ecarfar Jim 14 months ago
which is why I don't watch anything on TV now except classic tv...apparently a lot of other people don't either.
pidge 14 months ago
My entertainment attorney told me that years ago Eddie Albert came to him with his Green Acres contract. And to look for any clause that he could demand residuals from the syndication. My attorney said sorry no. Paul Henning/CBS have ownership. Of course now actors get residuals. The same with the Beverly Hillbillies cast.
Finnley 14 months ago
Lat coment# Eddie Albert! I'm utterly ridiculously stupid 🙄
Finnley 14 months ago
Love Eddie Arnold! He was in some of my favorite movies, Roman Holiday and Oklahoma to name a few. I think it's a wonderful thing to be able to relax and watch some utterly ridiculous shows to help you forget about the real utterly ridiculous things that are going on in the world! Thank God for great utterly ridiculous tv writers! The Dick VanDyke Show always makes my day better!🤪
RedSamRackham Finnley 14 months ago
* Eddie Albert was Cybill Shepherd's dad in Heartbreak Kid. He was outstanding in Captain Newman M.D.
tootsieg 14 months ago
Loved TBH since day one. Good for Eddie Albert. He hit the nail on the head.
Deleted 14 months ago
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harlow1313 14 months ago
Well, this is an interesting hypothesis, but it doesn't ring true to me. Perhaps evidence exists.
14 months ago
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Purple0456 14 months ago
Eddie Albert a great guy
Look up his war record…he was a real hero
A great guy💜💜💜💜
CoreyC 14 months ago
Mayberry RFD, The Beverly Hillbillies, Petticoat Junction and Green Acres were Rural comedies while Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie were camp comedies.
Coldnorth CoreyC 14 months ago
Arnold would have been a fine astronaut.
Andybandit 14 months ago
Good for Eddie to defend the TBHB. It is a funny show.
mhc 14 months ago
2 of the silliest shows ever-- never watched-- only worse were alf and the "monster' one harry something
If you've never seen the show, why are you weighing in on this thread? I'm a huge fan of the Beverly Hillbillies. The writing is very good and there is a lot of innuendo
Moverfan mhc 14 months ago
Hary & The Hendesons? Or Harry O? (I never thought of David Janssen as a monster...)
GoUTVols1961 mhc 14 months ago
You must be the life of the party!
GoUTVols1961 13 months ago
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Pacificsun 14 months ago
For a sitcom, dialogue, even plot isn't as important as delivery (timing) and Green Acres and Beverly Hillbillies just happened to have the best actors for those roles. Green Acres happens to be very plot driven. But watch Beverly Hillbillies and they're mostly standing around. Except when the Banker (and associates) breeze in an out. So again, it's the chemistry among them. And chemistry is so subtle that it's only noticeable when a key player is absent. Still, same point the story is making. It's just the mechanics behind how it came to be so successful.
MrsPhilHarris Pacificsun 14 months ago
I agree! Good points.
Farmguy 14 months ago
Like Jethro I always wanted to be a double naught spy. Always the funniest show on TV and still is.
GoUTVols1961 Farmguy 14 months ago
I wanted to be a sophisticated international playboy.
Beatseeker GoUTVols1961 14 months ago
movie di rector..
LoveMETV22 14 months ago
MeTV has a good current selection of programs from the 70's. Fortunately the series that were purged in the 70's made a comeback. It did make way for a few other series that were not "rural" based.Some better than others.
Moverfan LoveMETV22 14 months ago
Hee Haw was one of the shows CBS cancelled and the powers-that-be (powers-that-were?) tried to convince the show's creators not to try and sell it in first-run syndication, claiming nobody would be interested. The result--two years on CBS, damn near thirty in first-run syndication...
Pacificsun LoveMETV22 14 months ago
More about Catchy Comedy debuting on Monday Mar. 27.

Coldnorth LoveMETV22 13 months ago
I wonder why we don’t see Growing Pains, or Who’s the Boss just name a couple. Family Ties too come to think of it.
LoveMETV22 Coldnorth 13 months ago
I know Family Ties is on Pluto TV ( owned by Paramount Television), which is probably one reason. The other programs, maybe they're not available in the syndicated market ( at least to MeTV @ the moment). Just guesses either way.
Coldnorth LoveMETV22 13 months ago
Thank you.
forthekids 14 months ago
Mr.Albert is right"Green Acres" and "The Beverly Hillbillies" are well written and brilliantly funny satires and they deserve more respect and appreciation than they have received..over the years.
Coldnorth forthekids 14 months ago
All of the comedies that had animal stars were the funniest sitcoms. Often times the animal stars could turn your days around, just by laughing out loud. Arnold was one of those stars. Nothing funnier than the Ziffels treating Arnold as their son, or Arnold liking western. Or his ability to turn the tv on and off. Lisa always understood Arnold and that would bring many laughs. Very funny show and most of the credit was because of Arnold. He should have had a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. He would have deserved i
RedSamRackham forthekids 14 months ago
* Yet IMHO Beverly Hillbillies jumped the shark with those Shorty Kellems episodes. However the sitcom was fun brain candy!
Coldnorth RedSamRackham 13 months ago
They should have had more Pearl and Jethrine trying to land themselves a movie star
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