Eddie Albert was excited for the world to see the ''unique and bizarre'' premiere of Green Acres

Albert said there were "enough situations to carry the show for 40 years."

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When a big movie star gives a starring television role a chance, you'd think, because of their status, it would be just another credit added to their impressive resume. Yet, Eddie Albert couldn't hold back his excitement for being a part of a new comedy series.

Green Acres premiered on September 15, 1965, as a direct tie-in with another Paul Henning show, Petticoat Junction. It revolves around a married couple, Oliver (Eddie Albert) and Lisa Douglas (Eva Gabor), who adjust to farm life in Hooterville after living luxuriously in New York.

"I expect to appear in at least one scene on 'Petticoat Junction' each week. Bea Benaderet, Edgar Buchanan, and others will work on my show, and I will work on theirs. Edgar and Eva make quite a combination," Albert said in an interview with New York Times News Service in 1965.

Eddie Albert couldn't wait for viewers to watch the show, praising it throughout the interview.

"It's not 'King Lear,' but I think it'll be entertaining," he said. "Eva Gabor plays my wife, and she is sensational. Wait 'till you see Eva in negligee and a $150,000 square-cut necklace feeding pigs with one hand and flipping pancakes with the other."

The actor added, "It will be in living, vibrating color — unique and bizarre. There will be enough situations to carry the show [for] 40 years, although it might pall on you by then."

Both characters shared similarities with each actor, which is why they portrayed the roles perfectly. Albert once said his agent pitched him the part by describing it as "city slicker comes to the country to escape the aggravations of city living," The actor believed that defined him in a nutshell. Eva Gabor was known for being glamorous and even wore most of her own luxury clothing while filming.

Green Acres could've seen more than six seasons if it weren't for the "rural purge" in the early '70s, which was the massive cancellation of popular rural comedies.

However, you can still catch Green Acres on MeTV, giving faithful viewers their dose of the hilarious rural comedy and reminding them why Albert was excited to be a part of the production.

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surveyor 15 months ago
In all seriousness, since my wife is Eastern European, I honestly feel his pain and know what he went through, at least in the show.
jeopardyhead 15 months ago
When it said "Both characters shared similarities with each actor," it reminded me of Tony Randall and Jack Klugman.
Fanofclassicsforever 15 months ago
It is One of my top classic comedies and today too! Hard to find good comedy today for as funny and cute Green acres was, a laugh around every corner! 😁 Loved it! We all need a good laugh! All good actors, even Arnold! 😁 Only thing out of it all, Oliver yelled a little more than he should of had too! Of course sometimes it was funny how he'd respond and get upset sometimes at everyone!! Lol. Glad to see others still enjoy the classics! Just in case no one can find green acres on regular dtv, in Vancouver WA and Portland Oregon metro area they moved it from ch. 2.2 to 20.7, took a bit to find it! As I had to rescan the TV first! Don't forget to rescan your tvs every once in awhile! Always something new at times pops up and the channels get moved around too! Just in case you wonder what happened!
Have a wonderful day!
Avie 15 months ago
"Albert once said his agent pitched him the part by describing it as "city slicker comes to the country to escape the aggravations of city living..."

Albert's agent conveyed only half of it: that the degree of aggravation Oliver Douglas is surrounded by in Hooterville dwarfs everything he experienced in the big city, with the greatest irony being for all Lisa's stated desire to stay in New York, it's she who's perfectly acclimated to life in Hooterville because she's naturally and perfectly in synch with the utter illogic of the place. She accepts it all without hestation or question. They are made for each other.

THAT'S what made the show work.
imtiredyou 15 months ago
Love this show. I watch every night and still angry at the people behind the purge. I hope they took alot of heat for that ridiculous decision.
harlow1313 15 months ago
Green Acres still appeals to me, as I have a taste for the absurd. I would love to reside in Hootersville.
harlow1313 13 months ago
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dodgebob 15 months ago
40 was the new 10 back then.
McGillahooala 15 months ago
The rural purge still needs to be avenged.
Pacificsun McGillahooala 15 months ago
But I think it is, currently. At least on MeTV re: the Shows which are getting some of the highest ratings, now.
cperrynaples McGillahooala 15 months ago
Everyone blames the rural purge, but the true killer was the Prime Time Access Rule! It forced all 3 networks to lose 4 hours of programming!
Pacificsun cperrynaples 15 months ago
With no desire to compare the before (change) and after schedule. Just curious about how they juggled the new allocation of time. For example, did they use Nielsen numbers (ratings) to determine if 1 hour shows kept more of the viewer's sustained attention. Meaning, less likely or the chance to change the channel. Or, was the sequential nature of the content more successful, just like before the "rural purge." And kind of like what MeTV does with its primetime programming now. Two half-hour Series, run back-to-back. And one of those reasons is because advertisers sell through (Ad nauseam ) repetition. So habitual viewing is welcomed!

[ with obviously too much time on my hands ]
cperrynaples Pacificsun 15 months ago
I know there were a lot of kinks in the first year! ABC didn't want to break up Tuesday and NBC promised Jimmy Stewart the hammock slot between Disney & Bonanza so ABC took out a half-hour on Monday and NBC did the same on Friday! In 1972, everyone did 3 hours all week!
cperrynaples 15 months ago
Well, it only lasted for 6 years, but there was a reunion 20 years later! In 40 years, most of the cast were dead!
surveyor cperrynaples 15 months ago
As far as I know, the major cast r dead. Eb died last year or year before. I know we can’t all live forever but sad they are all gone. Lot of lost talent.
Coldnorth cperrynaples 14 months ago
Is that reunion on utube. I’ve never seen it
AnnieM Coldnorth 1 month ago
I realize this is over a year later, but currently (March 2024) you can find it for free on the Tubi app.
Mblack 15 months ago
Did he ever talk shop with Bob Newhart?
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LoveMETV22 14 months ago
This comment has been removed.
LoveMETV22 wallyandbagfan 14 months ago
Did the child actor on the left play
Butch in The Little Rascals Movie ?
No the child on the left was not Sam Saletta, (Butch: The Little Rascals/ 1994 ).

It was, Rossie Harris, (Joey: Airplane!/ 1980).
Pacificsun cperrynaples 14 months ago
If this is what you're asking, Decades (a Weigel product) is rebranding to Catchy Comedy, I think Mar. 7. Where they'll be running top rated sitcoms. Some overlap with MeTV, but not in the block programming style. They'll also keep a Binge on weekends, but unlike their original Binges with hour long episodes. They're really competing in the sitcom market right now, and letting H&I focus on those action / adventure / dramas. But I'm guessing 77 Sunset Strip is a little bit older than how they're presenting H & I currently.
Moverfan Pacificsun 10 months ago
I wonder if anybody will pick up the show Through The Decades. Always interesting and I loved getting their email/newsletter--especially when they'd honor Chaka Khan "on the occasion of HIS birth" (I always thought Chaka Khan was a real pretty lady).
LoveMETV22 15 months ago
What a fun story. Glad to read about Eddie Albert's enthusiasm for and about the show.
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