Do Captain Kirk and his crew fly a strange new ship in the upcoming Star Trek film?

Could this be the new USS Enterprise?

A new concept images has leaked from the upcoming Star Trek Beyond film that suggests Captain Kirk and crew could have a new ship.

Trek Core

The website Trek Core has a few theories about what this leaked concept art really means. The ship on the image appears to be called the USS Franklin. It's the ship that also appears at the beginning of the film's trailer, which was released in December. 

Trek Core also points out a patch on Spock's jacket says "USS Franklin" as well. 

The trailer also shows the destruction of the USS Enterprise, which means the new ship might have a crucial role in the upcoming film. It looks to us a bit like an upside down Enterprise mixed with a Romulan Bird of Prey.

So how big of a role will the new ship have? Fans will just have to wait and see if more hints come out before the film premieres this July. 

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