8 great new Christmas ornaments for classic TV fans

Want the ultimate classic television holiday tree? Better get shopping now.

Last month, we shared with you a new Christmas ornament from Hallmark that depicted Spock dying. The collectable was rather divisive amongst fans. (And there's a better one coming next year. Scroll down to see it.) Thankfully, there are additional Star Trek decoractions more germane to the holiday season. Because Christmas ornaments are cherished keepsakes, it's no surprise that there are many tree baubles on sale for the lover of nolstalgic television.

We rounded up our favorite classic TV ornaments on the market. Yes, it is still October, but these sell out fast.

The shows featured in our Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night inspired some nice ones.

Hallmark is offering a miniature Adam West with its Holy Hit TV Show, Batman, as well as a Cesar Romero Joker. The likeness of the lovely Lynda Carter is captured in its cool Wonder Woman piece.

I Love Lucy lovers have an handful of options at Lucystore.com.

We are particularly fond of the Lucy the Martian and Lucy as Superman figurines. The latter ticks two boxes on the MeTV lineup. There is also a Grape Stomping Lucy and Vitameatavegamin Lucy, as well as other designs.

Back to the Enterprise. Hallmark has this sweet Uhura ornament. Those majorly into Lee Majors will covet this Six Million Dollar Man that plays the theme song. The Barney Fife doesn't exactly capture Don Knotts, but it's no Scary Lucy, either.

We are also a fan of the Brady Bunch title screen on a vintage television set, a piece from 2014, which you can see at the top. You can still find it out there.

Trekkies, keep your pennies saved for 2016, too. Hallmark will follow up Uhura and Spock Dying with Chekov and… Kirk Being Attacked By A Salt Vampire, accoring to Startrek.com. Awesome!

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