Are you an expert on these TV Christmas tunes?

These holly-jolly tunes are the perfect trivia!


Plenty of your favorite TV shows have a holiday special that includes music. One-time performances that make the holiday just a little bit brighter and make your favorite characters shine all the more. 

Moments like these make gathering around for an episode or two all the more unique, and now we want to take those years of watching and listening and put them to the test. See if you can answer these questions about your favorite Christmas tunes on TV.

Good luck!

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  1. Carol Brady sings this iconic carol in the Brady Bunch episode “The Voice of Christmas” in front of her entire congregation. What is the name of the carol?
  2. In "The Haircut", which classic Christmas song is Beaver all lined up to sing?
  3. When Andy gets to strummin’ during his Christmas in the clink, he picks a favorite Christmas lullaby to sing with Elinor. Which Christmas lullaby do they sing?
  4. During The Dick Van Dyke Show's Christmas episode "The Alan Brady Show Presents," Rob Petrie and the crew dish out a bunch of original holiday music for us to enjoy. Can you spot which of these titles is NOT one of those original songs?
  5. When Fred gets to fill in for Santa Claus on The Flintstones, he sings a cheery holiday ditty for the kids at Macyrocks that would easily get stuck in your head. What’s the name of that tune?
  6. Fred then offers to read a Stone Age-style story about a dinosaur who wants to save Christmas for a group of children without a Christmas tree. What was the name of the song that accompanied the book?
  7. Wayne Newton and Lorne Green duet together during this yuletide episode of Bonanza. Which of these classics do the two gentlemen sing together?
  8. Wayne Newton also delights his audience with the rendition of a tune called "Christmas Journey." During the episode, where does he sing this song?
  9. During the holiday classic “Dear Sis,” the 4077th surprise Father Mulachy with a rendition of a church hymn that brings tears to the good father’s eyes. Do you remember which hymn they sing?
  10. The Monkees sing a Spanish tune called "Ríu Chíu" on their Christmas episode. You'll notice that it is sung without any background music or instruments to accompany the tune. What is this style of singing called?

Are you an expert on these TV Christmas tunes?

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Snickers 41 months ago
9 out of 10 never saw the M*A*S*H episode.
Gracie927 54 months ago
Hi...just want to thank programming for adding MYSTERY SCIENCE theatre 3000. Crow is so freakin it...
SheriHeffner 55 months ago
They did sing I Am A Fine Musician on The Dick Van Dyke Show.
DavidBartholomew 55 months ago
MASH episode...
Translates the Latin Hymn title to "Let There Be Peace"
DouglasMorris 55 months ago
6/10! missed numbers 3,5,7, and 10.
Jon 55 months ago
The hymn that Beaver's class sang was "Hark, the HERALD Angels Sing". I don't know which "Harold" that is mentioned there.
UnicornPrincess 55 months ago
6/10. Not too bad.
Bonus Questions:
On Mystery Science Theater 3000, name the Christmas song Joel and the Bots sang in Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, and name the two songs Mike and the Bots performed on Santa Claus. All are very memorable!
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LOL! Well, I think he likes it because it's so cheesy (as do I)! My favorite line from the movie that had be laughing uncontrollably for a while was "Yer too stupid to have a good time!"
That's great, but mine is
"A bear fell on me!".
Oh my gosh I missed that line!!!! I saw the scene and loved it, but didn't know he said it! But I think he was okay, because as Patrick says, "Pain don't hurt."
ttenchantr 55 months ago
Hark, the Harold Angels Sing? Maybe not so much.
RobCertSDSCascap 55 months ago
7/10 with mostly guesses. Only saw Flintstone Christmas.
Jeremy 55 months ago
Seven out of ten and Merry Christmas, everyone!
WilliamMartin 55 months ago
8/10. Every single one was a guess.
teire 55 months ago
Harold must have been one of the Hersld Angels (number 2).
RobCertSDSCascap teire 55 months ago
""Is Sally here? My name is Harold Angel."
-Harold Angel; It's Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown
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