Check out this house for sale that's stuck in the 1970s

It doesn't get more '70s than lime green, teal carpet and wood paneling.

If you're looking for a blast from the past, and have a lot of extra money to spend, look no further than this home for sale in Ohio.

On the outside, it looks like an ordinary cottage nestled on a large property. But on the inside, the house tells a different story. It looks like it's straight out of the 1970s.

The five-bedroom home was last sold in 1971 for $85,000, and it doesn't look like it's changed much since then.

Just look at the lime green detailing in the dining room.

And the wooden paneling throughout the kitchen. It's almost hard to tell what's a cabinet and what's a wall.

Even the gym has a '70s vibe with the mirrors across the wall.

And is that teal carpeting we see in the bathroom?

This home is located in North Royalton, Ohio, which is south of Cleveland.

If you're looking to live in a home similar to the one you grew up in, this one could be yours for $600,000.

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