Friends and celebrities react to the death of Jim Nabors

Ron Howard, Carol Burnett, comedians, racers, musicians, actors and Muppets share their warm memories of the late TV star.

Image: AP Photo / Julie Markes

The outpouring of feelings following the death of Jim Nabors has been heartwarming — and it has demonstrated the scope of his career. Those who worked with him on television shared their love for the man, of course.

But there was equal amount of eulogizing from the sports world, as those in the racing scene gushed about the man who sang at the Indy 500 for decades. Likewise, musicians chimed on to share their thoughts of the big-hearted baritone. The military praised an actor who represented their morals onscreen. 

His closest friends and coworkers made some touching statements. We begin with Carol Burnett, who made a point to book Nabors as the first guest each season of The Carol Burnett Show.

Burnett released a statement [via ABC News]:

Jim and I remained close friends for 52 years. He was the godfather of my daughter, Jody. Every year he was always the first guest on my variety show. I considered him my 'good luck charm.' My heart is heavy. I'm grateful he was a large part of my life. I miss him. I love him.

That is just as touching as we would expect from an icon who has always worn her heart on her sleeve.

Here's what others had to say on Twitter, from Andy Griffith Show stars to Muppets.

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