Celebrate 100 years of Charles Schulz with a pair of 'Peanuts' films on MeTV!

Watch 'A Boy Named Charlie Brown' and 'Snoopy, Come Home,' on MeTV!

If you've never heard of Charles Schulz, there's a good chance you've heard of a little comic strip he created back in the early Fifties, that over the decades since has morphed into several television specials and feature animated films. Of course we're talking about the Peanuts gang!

The legendary group of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, Pig-Pen and all the others have been a holiday season staple for decades, and a pair of films are coming to MeTV to honor what would have been Schulz's 100th birthday.

Join us Sunday, Nov. 20 at 8P | 7C for A Boy Named Charlie Brown, the Peanuts film debut! The film originally came out in December of 1969 and did better than $12 million at the box office! Charlie Brown competes and succeeds in a spelling bee, requires help from his ol' buddy Snoopy and deals with the rest of the Peanuts' shenanigans!

A week later, Sunday, Nov. 27 starting at 8P | 7C, see Snoopy leave Charlie Brown on a journey to his former owner in Snoopy, Come Home

Celebrate 100 years of Charles Schulz with us Sunday, Nov. 20 and Sunday, Nov. 27 starting at 8P | 7C, with Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the rest of the Peanuts party, all part of our Very Merry MeTV holiday schedule!

Click here to see our FULL Very Merry MeTV schedule, that includes over 100 programs to enjoy throughout this holiday season! 

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RichLorn 18 months ago
The Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack by the Vince Guaraldi Trio has become a required part of any Christmas music rotation.
Barry22 18 months ago
Been a fan of 'Peanuts' since I was five years old. Introduced my daughter to it and now my two grandsons.
timothys71 18 months ago
Sure glad MeTV was able to get these 2 Peanuts films, especially since ABC lost the contract to air the holiday specials (and PBS didn't get them this year either).
VaughnBaskin 18 months ago
I'll say it since no one's going to do it, in 2023 Snoopy and The Peanuts will join the MeTV's Weekday lineup along with "Toon In With Me".
MichaelVegas 18 months ago
I use to go to his Ice Skating rink in Santa Rosa, California (Charles Schulz) there if you knew people you could go upstairs and see where he would draw sometimes.
Hpsnape1957 18 months ago
Too bad "A Charlie Brown Christmas" isn't on t.v. or cable. MeTV used to show Alf on t.v. awhile ago that has a Christmas special partly based on a true story that's a tear jerker even with Alf throwing in some laughs. I would love to see that again.
timothys71 Hpsnape1957 18 months ago
Is that the one where Alf gets lost while on a camping outing and accidentally boards a truck bound for a hospital, where he becomes friends with a girl suffering from a terminal illness? Yes, that episode is a tear jerker.
Hpsnape1957 timothys71 18 months ago
Yes, that's the episode. He also talks the old man playing Santa (who gives him as a stuffed doll to the girl) out of committing suicide.
DocForbin 18 months ago
At least AppleTV+ didn't get their mitts on the Peanuts movies. Maybe you should also show the later ones like "Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown" and "Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (and Don't Come Back)" in the future.
LoveMETV22 DocForbin 18 months ago
Removing the + moniker. It looks like Apple TV has a varied selection of Peanut's based material.
The two you mentioned are offered in a couple of bundled packages.
bagandwallyfan52 18 months ago
I like the fictional boy Charlie Brown and Linus and Lucy and I like the song Charlie Brown by
The Coasters.
LoveMETV22 18 months ago
Thanks Me TV for posting the:
" Full November 20th- December 25th Holiday Related Programming Schedule " in the links @ the bottom of the page. Took a moment to realize that you have to click on the " See Full Schedule" link to see the programs that will be featured. Like the way you can look @ individual days.
Runeshaper 18 months ago
Happy Birthday, Charles Schulz! Thanks, MeTV, for honoring this very talented man (-:
Michael 18 months ago
I know Richard Crenna as the rich guy who cheats at cards in the Flamingo Kid. Or the rich guy who doesn't like John Candy in Summer Rental.

Maybe I first saw him in First Blood.
Runeshaper Michael 18 months ago
I think you posted this on the wrong story (-:
Moody Michael 18 months ago
I remember him from The Real McCoys.
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