In 1969, Snoopy and Charlie Brown were part of the Apollo 10 space mission

Snoopy and Charlie Brown orbited the moon... in a way.

In 1969, the characters that audiences had grown to know and love from Peanuts comic strips leapt onto the big screen with their first feature film, A Boy Named Charlie Brown. Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Schroeder, and of course, Snoopy, charmed on the big screen and the movie became a critical and box-office success.

However, Charlie Brown's trip to the spelling bee wasn't the only journey that the Peanuts gang would take that year. The Charles M. Schulz Museum says that "It is difficult to imagine—although some remember it well—the excitement that the race for the moon invoked [over] fifty years ago. As the decade of the 1960s was coming to a close, America and the rest of the world waited with great anticipation to see if NASA could achieve President John F. Kennedy’s challenge, put forth in May 1961, of putting a man on the moon by the end of the decade."

According to The Times Herald, "Schulz, a staunch advocate of manned space exploration, allowed his characters to be used by NASA and Apollo contractors to promote the project with the hope that Snoopy would provide a necessary touch of humor to the very serious and exacting business of designing, manufacturing, and testing man-carrying space vehicles."

The Schulz museum says that "Consequently, it was a very great honor, indeed, when the crew of Apollo 10 chose to nickname their command and lunar modules Charlie Brown and Snoopy, respectively. The flight of Apollo 10 in May 1969 was the 'dress rehearsal' for the lunar landing that was scheduled for July 1969. Astronauts Thomas Stafford and Eugene Cernan piloted 'Snoopy' within 50,000 feet of the lunar surface as they scouted the landing area for Apollo 11 while John Young orbited the moon in the command module 'Charlie Brown.'"

Of course, that wasn't the first time Snoopy worked with NASA, nor would it be the last. In fact, the previous year, NASA had made Snoopy their official safety mascot! To this day, the Silver Snoopy Award program is used to encourage safety in NASA employees and contractors, and the accompanying Silver Snoopy pin is a highly-coveted honor.

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MichaelVegas 6 months ago
I remember this, I was a BIG NASA fan and I even had the Apollo 10 patch that had Snoopy on it
billygardener19 7 months ago
No question about "the Beagle has landed". Remember it well!! Charlie Brown and Snoopy (and the gang) have been a part of my life for all of theirs. I had posters of them for years, and they were inspirational to me in college. I had the poster of Pigpen walking around in a cloud of dust, with the description "if you want to be an ecologist, you have to stir things up a little". I had that above my bed, and it was my inspiration to become the environmental leader that I did become. Charlie Brown needs to be in the public domain. This strip belongs to everyone, and not just to the whims of Apple.
kb7rky 7 months ago
Snoopy was also part of the Artemis 1 mission to the moon. He was the zero-G indicator
carriefan62772 7 months ago
I hope y’all will reply to this I have The Charlie Brown Dictionary remember that book y’all?????…it was a dictionary with illustrations of the Peanuts gang and some of the definitions had the gang in them
carriefan62772 7 months ago
I hope y’all will reply to this Im 54 years old but I still love the Peanuts gang…..I have a beach towel that had the Peanuts gang on it they going to the beach and everyone but Woodstock is wearing a bathing suit yes Snoopy is wearing swimming trunks cute huh?????
That sounds like a great beach towel. I hope you get to show it off when you go to the beach.
Todd 19 months ago
I remember that well! Life magazine did a spread on it with the Apollo Astronauts posing with a snoopy doll. Snoopy was THE mascot of the late 1960s, I was about 11 years old, and I owned just about every Peanuts compilation paperback. When I was 12, in 1969, I had open-heart surgery. Those books brought me more joy than any pain medication! GOOD GRIEF!
MrsPhilHarris Todd 7 months ago
Nice memory.
Bapa1 Todd 7 months ago
Had those books also. Loved them. I buy my grandsons Peanuts books when I find them.
carriefan62772 Todd 7 months ago
I d like to see that Life magazine with Snoopy on the cover where do you think I could find it???..probably at a thrift store or flea market huh????…si hope you will reply to this
VaughnBaskin 19 months ago
I Would not be surprised if MeTV brings "The Charlie Brown And Snoopy Show" to their Weekday morning lineup in 2023!
cperrynaples VaughnBaskin 7 months ago
Well, I would be! It's owned by Apple!
LoveMETV22 cperrynaples 7 months ago
Apple has broadcast rights for most of the Peanuts collection. They don't own the trademark/copyright/etc.... to the brand though.
timothys71 VaughnBaskin 7 months ago
I would love to see that happen, but due to Apple's ownership it is unlikely in the foreseeable future. However, we can be grateful that MeTV is showing the 2 Peanuts feature films again.
PaulKellogg 19 months ago
"Snoopy" the Lunar Moduale was abandonned in orbit, so wherever it is, if it's still in orbit somewhere, it is intact and a time capsule.
Runeshaper 19 months ago
Way to go Snoopy and Charlie Brown!
Michael 19 months ago
Wasn't there something about "the Beagle has landed"?
tootsieg Michael 19 months ago
I think so. Does sound familiar.
LoveMETV22 19 months ago
And fast forwarding The Peanuts Gang is still at work.
LoveMETV22 LoveMETV22 19 months ago
Fast Forward again. Snoopy will be traveling on " NASA's Artemis 1 Mission"....Hopefully launching this week if all goes well.
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