Carol Burnett's television comeback is one step closer to becoming a reality

We can hardly wait for her return!

Associated Press

Carol Burnett is one step closer to gracing us with her presence on primetime television.

Variety reports a pilot episode featuring the television icon was recently picked up by ABC. 

Last year, we reported Burnett was attached to the project Household Name. The sitcom is about a family that moves into its dream home. But there's one catch: the family has to live with the owner – an eccentric, washed-up actress – until she dies.

But just because Burnett was involved with the project didn't mean it was a sure thing. The recent news that the network ordered a pilot episode means Household Name is well on its way to becoming a reality.

If the pilot episode tests well with audiences, it'll almost certainly be picked up for an entire season.

With Burnett involved, how could it go wrong?

The series was created by Michael Saltzman and has Amy Poehler as an executive producer. Burnett will also serve as an executive producer, meaning she'll have a say in what we see. 

This is all exciting news! With all the recent deaths of television giants, it's great an icon like Burnett continues to make us laugh.

If you can't wait to see the living legend this fall, you can catch her at her best right now on MeTV! Carol Burnett and Friends airs weeknights at 11PM | 10C. 

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MichaelSkaggs 37 months ago
Why don't you mention the story is from 2017!! Thanks for getting our hopes up. (He said in a voice loaded with heavy sarcasm)
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